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Image Coming Soon for Where To Buy A Trailer

Where To Buy A Trailer

Where to buy a trailer in Michigan A trailer is an important investment, so choosing where to buy a trailer is a crucial decision. Our passion is to equip our customers to live our their passions. I think you’ll see that reflected in the testimonials throughout this article. At our dealership, you’ll find the small-town, personal customer service that you deserve as well as the same varied inventory that larger corporations offer. ...

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Diamond C Trailers: Quality That's Affordable

Diamond C Trailers are manufactured in Texas by a Family owned and operated business. We chose to bring them to Michigan five years ago because we were impressed with their quality and workmanship. We think you'll like them too. That's why we continue to stock them and add more models to our inventory. ...

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Mustang Restoration, A Labor of Love: Part 8

I know some of you have been looking forward to this. We've spent a lot of time talking about this Mustang restoration and the process that it's been through. Thirteen years and eight blog posts later, the final product is here! If you want a recap or if you haven't seen the original car, catch up with the first seven parts. Each section is full of pictures from this decade long project....

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Fighting Childhood Hunger in Michigan: How You Can Help

Edit: with the school closings this year, Hand2Hand is joining the efforts of schools and food pantries to keep our children fed every day. And they could use your help. Click the link below to see what food donations they're asking for and drop them off at the storehouse in Hudsonville. Your donations will make a wonderful, lasting impact in the lives of children in our community!...

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"What's the difference between a leaf spring and torsion axle?" This is a very common question that our customers have when purchasing a trailer. Leaf spring vs. torsion axle; which one is better? We'd like to take a moment to educate YOU, the buyer on each of the two suspension types.  Consider it a quick crash course in trailer suspension.  We want to save you from getting 'wrapped around the axle',  and give you the confidence to make the right decision when buying a trailer....

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Image Coming Soon for The Tongue Weight Scale That Saves Lives

The Tongue Weight Scale That Saves Lives

Towing can be dangerous and even fatal when it's not done right. By using a good tongue weight scale, you can safely and confidentially move forward with peace of mind The Problem: A lot of people don't know how to properly hook up and load a trailer. Some will settle for only one safety chain or no chains at all. Some will even forget the safety pin when in a hurry. (I know- I was shocked too, but it definitely happens.) ...

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Image Coming Soon for Best Utility Trailer Brands

Best Utility Trailer Brands

Many of the people in our community rely on a utility trailer for work, hobbies, home projects and play. So we do our best to have the greatest, and most diverse selection with varied prices. There's something for everyone. Our options of utility trailer brands range from $1,195 to over $5,000. ...

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Image Coming Soon for The Best Enclosed Trailers

The Best Enclosed Trailers

We have enclosed trailers that cover a wide range of towing needs. Made from steel or aluminum, in every price range, our cargo trailers are used for all kinds of work and play. In this article, I'll be highlighting three of the best brands for enclosed trailers: Cross, Formula and NEO. Each of which we carry. Every one of these manufacturers offer many different models and upgrade options. Take a look at their websites and give us a call to make a custom order. Or browse through our available trailers to make a purchase today! ...

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Image Coming Soon for Towing in the Snow Tips

Towing in the Snow Tips

Towing in the snow brings a new level of risk factors and requires the driver to be a bit more attentive. Regardless of the added weight and extra risks, it can still be done safely with these tips. After all, many of you rely on your trailer and equipment for your livelihood. And some of you have been looking forward to snowmobile season all year. (If that's you, take a look at our new snowmobile trailers!)...

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60's Mustang, A Labor of Love: Part 4

60's Mustang Restoration Part 4: Sheet Metal and Bodywork Catch up on this awesome story with Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. You really don't want to miss the shorts that Dave is rockin' out in Part 1. After getting the car sand blasted at Kremers' Painting and Graphics in April of 2010, Dave continued with the sheet metal and bodywork for the whole next year. Like any car restoration, this is the most labor intensive part. He spent an immeasurable amount of time in this phase, in order to get the perfect outcome and not a Bondo Buggy....

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Image Coming Soon for How To Hook Up A Trailer

How To Hook Up A Trailer

If you're new around here or around towing in general, you might not know how to hook up a trailer. And that's ok. What might be intuitive for some, can be a source of uncertainty and anxiety for others (guilty).   All the more reason to be prepared, right? ...

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Ford Mustang, A Labor of Love: Part 5

If you're just joining us, take a moment to catch up and see the pictures in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Ford Mustang Restoration Part 5: Paint We left off last time when Dave had just gotten all the pieces of the car back from Spankys Collision Repair. Per request by Andrea, the skilled body shop had painted the car Phoenician Yellow. And here is the beautiful paint job on the car shell:...

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Image Coming Soon for 1960's Mustang, A Labor of Love: Part 6

1960's Mustang, A Labor of Love: Part 6

We're excited to show you the interior of this 1960's Mustang in this post. But if you want to see the full progress of the car, get caught up real quick with the first five parts. Each one includes a lot of pictures to illustrate every step of the restoration. Part 1: Acquisition...

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Classic Mustang, A Labor of Love: Part 7

For everyone who has been following along with this story. To those who have known Dave for any period of time. For anyone just joining us now, I have wonderful news for you today: The car is finished. Hallelujah and thank you, Jesus! Dave has finished this insanely long project and she is absolutely beautiful....

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Image Coming Soon for Tire Blowout: How to React

Tire Blowout: How to React

Did you know that colder temperatures will lower the air pressure in your tires? Low pressure results in more friction between your tires and the road. More friction leads to a greater chance of a tire blowout. This is what was on my mind this chilly October morning as I was bringing my kids to school. Looking at both the first frost of the year and the tire pressure signal on my dashboard....

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