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The Inside Scoop on The 3 “Tiers” of Haulmark Trailers

This past week has been a good week because we are here in Michigan! As much as we love Nebraska, it’s always fun to come “home” to visit family and spend time in this great state. It’s also a special treat to be able to visit Grandville Trailer. This week I got to spend some time there, catch up with some of the team members and see what else is new with the store.

And despite the dreary day, seeing this makes me so excited! Is anyone else feeling giddy from the anticipation of sunshine and being outside? I could probably write a whole post on how much I love spring, but I will refrain.

While at Grandville Trailer, I also got to interview Dave on a few subjects. This week we wanted to highlight Haulmark Trailers. They are our number one supplier and brand that we sell the most. They are a great company and they produce solid trailers, making them a popular choice. Here is the video of Dave describing Haulmark Trailers.

I know what you’re thinking it. He’s a pretty cool guy. He sure knows his trailers, but he’s not just here to sell them to you. He’s here to help you find what you need. We want you to get the perfect fit, not spend as much money as we can get out of you.

But back to the Haulmark Trailers.

In his interview, Dave mentioned that these trailers are “Good, Better, Best.” Let’s break that down. I’d like to highlight the 3 “Tiers” of Haulmark Trailers.

The 3 Tiers of Haulmark Trailers

Good: Passport Trailersshowimagerv (5)

Haulmark’s line of Passport Trailers are for Entry-Level customers. I couldn’t say this better myself so here is the description of this line of trailers from the Haulmark Website:

“The Haulmark Passport series is specifically engineered for the entry-level
with light-duty applications. Safe, easy to tow and packed with value.passport2
Designed for easy towing.” ~Haulmark

Like Dave said, these trailers are good for transporting lighter material. Some customers find that these are the perfect fit for their jobs or hobbies. However, just because they are “entry-level” doesn’t mean that you miss out on the high quality features. These standard V-nosed trailers come with 24 inch stone guard and tubular steel main rails. You will find a wide range of models with various colors and door options.

showimagerv (31)Better: Transport

The next “tier” of trailers is the middle man; the Transport Trailers. They offer the best of both worlds, making them our most popular seller. Once again, here is the description of these trailers from the Haulmark Website:

The Transport series (TST) is Haulmark’s most popular line of trailers.
transport1It’s no wonder since it is loaded with versatility and value. The Transport is the perfect choice
for recreational and light commercial applications. ~Haulmark

Because this line of trailers is heavy duty and still affordable, they tend to sell more often than the others. Their versatility and high quality craftsmanship allows you to get the most out of your dollar.

 Best: Bear Series cub

There’s 4 types of trailers within the Bear Series: Cub, Grizzly Cub, Kodiak and Grizzly. With Cub being the smallest and Grizzly being the largest, there is a wide variety of trailers in this series. These are more heavy duty and designed for someone hauling heavy equipment on a regular basis. These are Haulmark’s top of the line trailers. These are valuable trailers that will last for a long time and give you the security that you need.

There you have it: The 3 tiers of Haulmark Trailers. One of the best things about choosing Haulmark is all the choices that you have. They are located in Bristol, Indiana and they have over 400 trailers in stock. So we can typically get one pretty quickly. If we have a trailer that you are interested in but you would like a different color or door style, we can get it from Haulmark in a week. When a customer wants to special order a trailer, it takes an average of 4 weeks to arrive at Grandville Trailer.

Haulmark has been around for a long time and they are one of the most well known brands of trailers. We know that we are selling a quality trailer whenever a Haulmark Trailer leaves our lot. It’s a brand that we stand by and that we are proud to carry. Here you can see our full listing of in-stock trailers. Don’t forget that we can order any trailer that you see on their website. We hope you will consider purchasing a Haulmark Trailer from us if you find yourself in need of a cargo trailer. And as always, we are happy to answer your questions!

Did you like the video of Dave? Whether you just like the video or think someone could benefit from this post, would you please share this with your friends? Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

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