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Dump Trailers For Sale [Complete Buying Guide]

dump trailers for sale

Dump Trailers For Sale

It can be hard choosing the right dump trailer, but it's such an important investment for your business. That's why we've done the work of vetting dump trailer manufacturers and offering only the finest. We want our friends to get the most value for their money and we honestly believe that we have the best dump trailers for sale in West Michigan! 

We buy all our dump trailers from a fantastic manufacturer in Texas called Diamond C. (Note: They also supply us with equipment trailers. You can see all our Diamond C inventory right here.) I really want to take a minute though, to focus on dump trailers and explain why this brand does them so well. I'll cover some of the main structural and design elements that make these dump trailers stand out above the rest. I've even included a cheat sheet at the bottom for you to know how many yards of material you can fit depending on the trailer's size. 

Here's a few of the topics this article will cover:

  • Why a telescopic lifting system is superior to the standard scissor lift
  • The benefits of a 3-way gate
  • Floor and wall thickness
  • Why I-beam frame is better than channel frame
  • What models we carry
  • Yardage cheat sheet
In Stock Dump Trailers

More Dump Trailers For Sale

If you can't find what you want in stock, or need something a little more custom, head to our showroom! There you'll find all the models that are available to order and you can customize the size, color, and features. You can browse dump trailers in our showroom right here.



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Buying Guide: Standard Features

3 Stage Telescopic Cylinder Lifting System

All our dump trailers now come standard with the telescopic lifting system. We have found this to be far superior to the traditional scissor lift. The telescopic cylinder is mounted to the front of the trailer, mimicking the build of a dump truck and removing extra strain on the main frame. This positioning creates the most lifting power as well as control over imbalanced loads. This means that you no longer have to worry about loading your dump trailer evenly! If you stay within the payload capacity, our dump trailers can handle it.

3 Way Gate

You'll also find that our dump trailers have a 3-way gate on them. This feature combines the best gate options, providing you with the most versatile and easy to use trailer. Here are the 3 ways that you can use it:

  1. Double Doors: both doors swing out, giving you full access to the back of the trailer. This can be particularly helpful when loading and unloading larger objects.
  2. Fold Down: another way to quickly access and load/unload your trailer. If you need a ramp too, we can add self-storing ramps to your order.
  3. Spread: the best way to dump your load slowly and spread it over a larger area. Landscapers and construction workers find this useful when needing to spread their dirt and mulch evenly.

Floor and Wall Thickness

All the Diamond C dump trailers for sale have floors and walls with the thickness of 12 gauge, 10 gauge and 7 gauge. Some of our competing brands make dump trailers with a 14 gauge thickness. We highly recommend avoiding units with such thin floors and walls. Investing in better steel will ensure that your dump trailer outlasts other brands and while maintaining its resale value. You'll see that our small to medium Dump trailers come standard with 12 gauge and some can be upgraded to 10 gauge. Larger units come standard in 10 gauge with the ability to be ugraded to 7 gauge. 

I-Beam Frame

Our dump trailers also come standard with an I-beam frame. Once again, this gives our units and edge on some of the other options out there using channel frame. I-beam is known to be the strongest method for its weight and is the most reliable structure for heavy hauling and lifting. Because its design makes the best use of the steel, it has a lighter overall weight without sacrificing its payload capacity. This makes it more accessible for trucks with a lower GVWR. 


Dump Trailer Models

Starting with the smallest, here is our lineup of dump trailers for sale. Each one of these can be customized and upgraded as needed. Tap on a specific model for more information and to see pictures. 

Model Available Sizes Floor/Wall Thickness GVWR
GST 5x8 12 Gauge 6,000
GDT 5x10
12 Gauge 7,000
MDT 6.5x10
12 Gauge 9,800
LPT 7x12
10 Gauge 14,000-24,000
DOD 8x12
10 Gauge 14,000-24,000
10 Gauge 25,000-30,000

Need Something Smaller?

For a smaller trailer to carry mulch and dirt at home, check out the FLOE CargoMax. Available in 6 different models, this trailer is truly one of our most versatile products in stock. 

FLOE Trailers For Sale

Material Cheat Sheet

Refer to the chart below to find approximate load sizes that will fit into our dump trailers.

A few things to keep in mind:

- Not all our sizes are listed here, but this will still give you a good idea.
- These amounts are approximate. The weight of the material will be different based on type and saturation level.

- Payload Capacity can also vary depending on the trailer's specific features.
- Average weights of material per cubic yard were used for this chart (Dirt: 2,000lbs, Gravel: 2,700lbs, Sand: 3,000lbs)

If you're going to be hauling mulch, you can plan on loading your trailer to the top. The average weight for mulch is 600lbs with the heavier stuff weighing up to 800. It's light enough that you'll run out of room before you max out your payload capacity.

Size Axles GVWR Payload Capacity Bed Capacity  Dirt Gravel Sand Mulch
5x8 1- 6,000# 6,000 4,100 2.22 Cubic Yards 1.5  1.3  2.22
5x10 2- 3,500# 7,000 5,500 2.78 Cubic Yards 2.75 2 1.8 2.78
6.5x12 2-5,200# 10,000 7,210 4.27 Cubic Yards 3.6  2.6  2.4  4.27
7x14 2- 7,000# 14,000 9,200 7.08 Cubic Yards 4.6 3.5 3 7.08
7x16 2- 7,000# 18,000 12,800 8.3 Cubic Yards 6.4 4.7 4.2 8.3
7x16 2- 10,000# 20,000 14,400 8.3 Cubic Yards 7.2 5.3 4.8 8.3
8x16 Deckover 2- 7,000# 14,900 9,900 7.11 Cubic Yards 4.95  3.6  3.3  7.11

 The deckover trailer comes with shorter sides, resulting in a smaller bed capacity. But what the trailer lacks in bed space, it makes up for in versatility. Here's a short little video that explains why this unique trailer can be so beneficial.

Parts Discount

I hope this post was helpful as you finish up your search for the perfect dump trailer. Please give us a call anytime at 616-538-2290 and we'd be happy to answer the rest of your questions. Look  at what we have in stock and let us know how we can help you! 

Dump Trailers For Sale

Keep in mind that we offer 10% off your parts purchase with the purchase of a new trailer! Our store is well stocked with all the things you want and need for your truck and trailer. Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter below- You'll receive two emails a month that let you know what's new and what's going on sale. Thanks for reading! 

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