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The Best Snowmobile Trailers in Michigan

NEO Snowmobile Trailers

Some of you are soaking up the last few weeks of summer and hot afternoons. Some of you are in the middle of back to school shopping and preparations. But it’s already a new season here for us: Pre-ordering snowmobile trailers.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a house with Dave. His passion for snowmobiling provided many thrill rides in the fresh powder and learning to drive them ourselves. He has taken several long trips through Michigan on his snowmobiles- I’m sure he’d love to tell you about them next time you’re at GT. Being a snowmobile rider himself, he knows a good snowmobile trailer when he sees one. We’re proud to have this option at our store and our customers are so happy with these year after year!

NEO NAS All Sport

Features of the Aluminum Snowmobile Trailer

Being over 24 feet in length, this snowmobile trailer is able to hold 3 sleds and all your gear. Not to mention all your other toys throughout the rest of the year. Like all NEO trailers, it is made with aluminum and comes with LED lights. Aluminum is the perfect material because it is lightweight and doesn’t rust. LED lights are a must because they can withstand extreme temperatures, last a REALLY long time, and hey- they’re good for the environment too. The drop leg tongue jack is easy to use and the flush lock curbside door allows a third and easy entrance.NEO Snowmobile Trailer

This snowmobile trailer is incredibly designed and one of the best looking products on the market. And the best part? Like all NEO trailers, it is very affordable. We are convinced that this is the best choice for any snowmobile owner. Feel free to see what NEO trailers we have in stock, but keep in mind that we often custom order these for our customers too!

Pre-order Yours Today!NEO Trailer Virtual Designer

Head over to NEO Trailer’s website and design your own snowmobile trailer, they have so many styles to choose from! Stop by or give us a call at 538-2290 and we’ll get started on ordering yours!

FYI: Order before August 16th and we’ll hook you up with FREE upgrades! A $500 Value!

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The Small Utility Trailer That Everyone Wants

A Top Selling Small Utility Trailer in Michigan

“We are getting a new arrival here today. It’s new and cutting edge. It’s smart, strong and stylish. And it’s about time someone came up with this. It’s the FlOE Cargo Max utility trailer.” 

↑↑ This was written in 2014. Now we’re pleased share that this trailer was everything we hoped for and more! Customers are always pleased with the versatility and durability of this small utility trailer. Here’s a few reasons why they have become so popular.

A Little Aluminum

In the trailer world, when we hear “aluminum” our attention is grabbed. It’s no secret that we love aluminum trailers. So that’s why we are such big fans of Aluma and Neo. Aluminum is a perfect base material for any trailer because it is both lightweight and strong. Being rust free and extremely resistant to climate changes, it’s the best material for outdoor equipment in the Midwest. So when we first heard of this FLOE trailer and all it’s aluminum-ness, of course we wanted to know more.Floe CargoMax small utility trailer with a polymer bed

A Little Polymer

One of the things that makes this trailer stand out; its not JUST aluminum. This small utility trailer has a rugged polymer bed. The UV-resistant material is ideal because it does not rust, rot, or dent. Nor will it ever need a paint job. And have you seen it? It looks awesome! small utility trailer that can support a lot of weight

Unbeatable Design

But seriously, the bed. The engineers of this trailer obviously knew what they were doing. You’ll notice in the picture below that the 8-foot frame is grooved to help hold down your belongings. And here is something extra cool: there are collapsing tie-downs that connect to the aluminum frame! Is anyone else asking “why didn’t I think of that?”  Also, this small utility trailer is also built with a full rubber torsion independent suspension. It is really made to be easily pulled behind any vehicle and by (almost) anyone. specs

This Small Utility Trailer Has Remarkable Strength

Between the lightweight aluminum and polymer bed, the smallest model weighs in at a modest 290lbs. But don’t let that fool you. This trailer is a David with the strength of a Goliath. It has the ability of carrying 1800lbs- that’s over 6 times it’s weight! It will have no problem hauling your ATV’s, snowmobiles, or hunting equipment (and hopefully trophies too!)

Need a bigger payload capacity? Check out our other three models able to carry up to 2,230lbs.
showimagerv (2)

If you’re looking for a small utility trailer that will last for years to come, take a minute to look over the details of this trailer and consider the different sizes. We think you’ll like it just as much as we do!

“Thanks to all of you for selling me the Cargo Max trailer. We live in Wisconsin. Older trailer had issues and we needed something to move 4-wheeler, ice house and family out to go ice fishing. New trailer works great. Light weight, tows great on the ice and off. Back in Wisconsin now and can’t wait to haul wood chips. Thanks again to Cargo Max and Grandville Trailer for great sales and service.” – Sandi

Thanks for reading!
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6 Reasons to Consider Aluma Trailers

Why Aluminum Trailers in Michigan are on the Rise

Here at Grandville Trailer, we have been selling Aluma Trailers faster than any others. They never sit on our lot for very long. We love how durable and dependable they are and so do our customers!  If you are unfamiliar with Aluma trailers, this post is for you. Here’s why you should consider an aluminum trailer in Michigan.

7814st-utility-trailerAluminum Trailers Don’t Rust

I’m going to  take a second to state the obvious here. Aluma trailers are made from aluminum and aluminum doesn’t rust. Boom. It’s really a pretty miraculous thing for all us Michiganders and mid-west people. The four seasons take a toll on our cars, boats, campers and toys. Having aluminum trailers in Michigan just makes sense.

LED Lights

A lot of trailer owners like to update their trailers by putting LED lights on them. Their energy efficiency and long life makes them very appealing. And because they are mercury free, they have a much smaller environmental impact than traditional light bulbs. LED lights come standard on all Aluma Trailers. We’re glad that Aluma puts such quality into their trailers.

Aluminum Trailers are Light Weight

The average aluminum trailer weighs 25% less than its steel-framed equivalent.  That frees up a considerable amount of your towing capacity so you can use your space on what you’d like. Not to mention that less weight means a higher MPG. If you’re going to buy a trailer, why not purchase one that will be easier on your wallet?

5 Year Warranty

Aluma trailers come with this 5 year warranty. This covers any defects in the material and workmanship of the unit. In those 5 years after purchase, if there is a problem, you can send your aluminum trailer directly to Aluma in Bancroft, Iowa. They will determine if the problem falls under the warranty, in which case, they will repair it free of charge.

Endless Models of Aluminum Trailers

Though their most popular is the open utility aluminum trailer, Aluma makes trailers for everyone. The options are extensive with motorcycle, car and snowmobile trailers, aluminum ATV trailers, car haulers, enclosed trailers and more. When it’s time for you to buy a new trailer, there is no doubt that Aluma can provide what you’re looking for.

Aluma is Widely Trusted and Well Respected

  1. NATM Certified- (National Association of Trailer Manufactures) All trailers are built under the NATM guidelines.
  2. NATDA Members- (North American Trailer Dealers Association) Here is more about them.

“Just got a 8112 utility trailer, it’s a great trailer. Easy to load and light. It pulls awesome. The tie downs are easy to get to, ramp goes down easy and doesn’t squeak at all. This is my 3 Aluma and will continue to to buy more. Thank you Aluma.” -Nate

Head on over to our Aluma page to see what aluminum trailers we have in stock and on order. Keep in mind that we are happy to order your specific model if we don’t have it on the lot!

Want to see another option for enclosed aluminum trailers in Michigan? You’ll love our selection from Neo!

Have a great day and call us with any questions!

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3 Reasons You Absolutely NEED This For Winter : It Comes Down To Axle 1, 2 & 3

While visions of backyard BBQ’s, early morning fishin’, hot summer days spent on the lake, giant bonfires, and endless camping weekends dance in our heads, the cold hard truth is…WINTER IS COMING!

Ok, before you get upset that I mentioned that terrible, and most dreaded 6 letter word (for this time of year), I may have just the thing to sweeten this “winter” deal, and trust me, there is such a thing.

The name is NASX Triple, and it’s a beaut.  The NASX Triple Axle Round Top All Sport Trailer is one of Neo’s newest additions, and it’s sure to be a huge hit.


Neo NASX Triple Axle Round Top All Sport Trailer

Neo NASX Round Top All Sport Trailer

Neo NASX Triple Axle Round Top All Sport Trailer






Other than it’s ability to haul just about any and every winter toy you and 10 of your best buds have (and any other toys for that matter), what else does this trailer have to offer you?

  • (3) 3500lbs Dexter Torsion Axles
  • Spring Assist Greaseless Hinge Front & Rear Ramp Door
  • ProFlap™, Ramp Door Flap
  • Side Door Measurements (32″W x 74″H)
  • Front Ramp Door Measurements (61″W x 75.25″H)
  • Rear Ramp Door Measurements (82″W x 79.25″H)
  • 31′ Long, with a 27′ Box Length (for all the fun stuff)
  • Marine Deck Plywood Floor – 3/4″
  • 7′ Interior Height
  • LED Lights
  • Accommodates All Shapes & Sizes
  • 1 Piece Seamless Aluminum Roof
  • Strong But Light Weight Aluminum Body
  • GVRW: 9990lbs.

This trailer was made for fun, practicality and hauling ALL of your toys.  But if this beast has a little more space than you can fill, then it looks like it’s time to get some new sleds.  Ok, but really, Neo certainly offers many other shapes/sizes and colors of trailers that might better fit your needs, and most of them come with a few less axles. 🙂 Check out Grandville Trailer’s selection of Neo Trailers here.

Imagine all of the beautiful pieces of machinery you could haul around in this Neo Trailer…Better yet, tell us about it on our facebook page.  We LOVE hearing the reasons you need a HUGE triple axle trailer, and what you would carry around inside.


      At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin’ for ya

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Introducing Diamond C Trailers In Grand Rapids: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Hello and happy Fall! It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a blog post and we have some catching up to do.

I’m coming back with a bang to introduce to you a new line of trailers that we are carrying! We’re always trying to provide the best products and service for our awesome customers. After getting to know this new manufacturer, we decided that the quality and affordability they offer would make a great addition to Grandville Trailer! That is why we are now supplying Diamond C Trailers in Grand Rapids!

download (1)

Diamond C Trailers are manufactured in Texas by a Family owned and operated business. We chose to bring them to Michigan because we’ve been impressed with their quality and workmanship. We think you’ll like them too. That’s why we’re starting off with 17 of their most popular trailers. These utility trailers are designed to carry your ATVs, dirt bikes, lawn mower or any other work equipment or toys. They’re meant to haul big things on bumpy terrain while still towing smoothly behind your truck.

We are carrying several models but today I’ll focus on the 2PSA Single Axle trailers. It’s easily their most popular trailer and the one we think may be most practical for our customers. This model comes in several different sizes and it has some features you’re going to love. But before I say anything else, here’s a look at the 2PSA:

Looks great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately we won’t be selling ours with ATVs on top of them. Sorry. The video says that it “tows like a dream” and it certainly looks like it. We thought the bi-fold gate and tie downs were great additions as well.

We’re currently very excited and a little busy making room on our lot because our first load is on the way! Our new line of trailers are making the trek from Texas to Michigan and will be arriving at our dealership on Thursday.unnamed (1)

Now that’s one big load of trailers and quite the delivery job. We’re glad to be on the receiving end and we hope these trailers will be the right fit for many of our customers! You can see all our trailers, including these new ones right here. We have several exceptional models but I’d like to go back to the one in the video and go over some of those great features.


Bi-Fold Ramp Gate1_34183_1812871_38401650

Easily one of the best features on the trailer, the bi-fold ramp is easy to use, safe and very practical. It’s made for loading big things that go, but it’s also very accommodating for work equipment and miscellaneous cargo.

1_34183_1812871_384016524 Tie Downs

You know those big things that go that we just talked about? Diamond C puts tie downs on the trailers to hold them in place. Get your belongings loaded easily and secured safely so that you can drive worry free. There’s no worse feeling than hoping you get there without losing something valuable.

LED Lights1_34183_1812871_38401650

LED lights have become very popular in the trailer industry. They last MUCH longer, can whether extremely low temperatures and they don’t cause the amount of pollution that standard bulbs do. Plus, everyone loves shiny upgrades.

1_34183_1812871_38401643Gravel Guard

Diamond C knows that the trailers they make are going to be towed through rocks and mud and all sorts of bumpy things. That’s why they chose to add on the gravel guard to protect the fenders and help these trailers to maintain their resale value.

The 2PSA has a steel frame with treated wood flooring. It comes with a 2,000lb flip jack with a sand foot. They also have the option to add a spare tire mount- always a good idea. We’re looking forward to supplying these Diamond C Trailers in Grand Rapids and believe they will be a great fit for our customers.



If you’re thinking this trailer might be for you, here is some additional information about exactly what we will be stocking. We will have this trailer in four different sizes:

Take a look around and tell us what you think of this trailer. Once again, here is our complete stock of trailers. There are several other great models as well! We’re looking forward to working with our new manufacturer and seeing what our customers think of these products. Here are a few more:

1_34183_1812823_38398267 1_34183_1814650_38456005 1_34183_1814655_38456425
Don’t let your friends miss out on these great trailers. We’re expecting them to sell quick! Like us on Facebook and share this post. We’re always so thankful for our customers that connect their friends with us! We hope to see you soon!

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5 Irresistible Features on the CJ Heavy Hauler Dump Trailer

Hello everyone! This post is coming to you as we journey from Nebraska to Michigan. It’s always good to visit the homeland and see friends and family. Not to mention swinging by the store to visit and get some new pictures. It’s going to be a quick trip packed with many great memories. I mean, it’s not every day that your brother gets married, right?

I’ll save the wedding talk for another time. Today I really wanted to write about dump trailers. That’s right. I know dump trailers are typically built for messy jobs, but this particular trailer does the job in style. It is filled with many great features and is, might I say, a tad irresistible. Here’s my latest video highlighting the CJ Heavy Hauler: Stock #140004.

As you can see, it’s a pretty serious trailer as far as dump trailers go. There is much more to talk about than what can fit into a short video. This trailer has some features that weren’t even displayed in the video. So I would like to elaborate on 5 aspects of this trailer.

5 Irresistible Features on The CJ Heavy Hauler Dump Trailer

1. Breakaway Kit With Charger

The breakaway kit is great because it gives the trailer an extra measure of safety. It’s battery powered and automatic. In the unfortunate situation of having a trailer break off of the tow vehicle, the breakaway kit will activate a switch that sends power to the trailer’s brakes. This slows down the trailer as soon as possible rather than letting it fly off into the ditch. Because this device runs on battery, it also comes with a charger to keep it going strong.

2. Split Spreader Gate

A gate like this is pretty much necessary for a dump trailer. It opens in two ways. The doors swing open like a typical swing door trailer. The doors also lift up from the bottom to allow dirt or gravel to be spread out in it’s destination.

3. Slide in Ramps

This trailer is designed to serve other purposes as well. The ramps provide the option of hauling work equipment or even toys for when the job is done. The bed is also equipped with 4 D-rings to help tie down anything your hauling.

4. Power Up/ Power Down Hydraulic Pump

This is great because it allows you to stay in control of your trailer as you dump and spread heavy loads. The power down hydraulics keeps the bed moving smoothly until it has returned to its starting point. Another handy feature of this pump is the 20′ control cable. This gives you the freedom to supervise your trailer right next to it or from a distance. You can even manage the trailer from the inside of your truck.

5. Locking Toolbox With Divider

No doubt this will come in handy. You can keep all your extra work gear and tools with your trailer in a big solid steel box with a lock on it. The toolbox stays down while the trailer tips up to dump.

There’s no doubt that this dump trailer was designed for those who are serious about dumping. But if those 5 features weren’t enough, here’s 5 more:

  • Tandem 3″ Cylinders with 2″ Shafts
  • 7k Square Drop Leg  Shaft
  • LED Lights with Sealed Wire Harness
  • On Board 110v Batter Charger
  • Spare Tire Mount

If you are on the hunt for a great dump trailer, I hope this one tops your list of possibilities. We would love to have you stop in and check it out and ask all your questions. The guys are always working towards being helpful and informative without pushing someone to buy a trailer. They would never want you to buy something you don’t need and I think they do a great job! I am a little biased, but our reviews can back me up. If you would like more information on this dump trailer, you can see the full listing here.

But wait, there’s more! 1_34183_1340842_23239048

So maybe our guys won’t be sales-y, but I might be once in a while. It’s just because the more I learn about trailers, the more I appreciate them! Anyways, if this trailer isn’t big enough for you, we have another! It’s pretty much the exact same trailer but a little bigger. This is a 14′ Dump Trailer with just a few upgrades. It’s all about heavy duty and completing big jobs. I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either of these CJ Trailers. You can see this 14′ Dump Trailer and all its information here.

Well I think that’s enough talk about dump trailers for today. I’m going to close up shop as were are getting close to our destination. If you see Greg around anytime soon at Grandville Trailer, make sure to give him a big Congratulations! He will be getting hitched tomorrow! (See what I did there?)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we hope to see you soon!

At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin’ for ya!

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12 Aluminum Utility Trailers to Kick Start Your Spring

It’s a good week for any potential trailer owners. We are getting a large load of Aluma Trailers delivered this week! If you are on the hunt for a lightweight, durable and long-lasting trailer, you may find what you’re looking for right here. Here is our list of incoming Aluma Trailers this week!

12 Utility Trailers Arriving at Grandville Trailer This Week

1. 2015 Aluma 548 54″ x 8′ Bi-Fold Ramp Gate Utility Trailer


This 8′ x 4’6″ Utility Trailer has a single axle and a 6″ front retaining bumper. With two stake pockets on each side and a 2″ coupler, it’s a perfect choice for a small utility trailer.
See more information here

2. 2015 Aluma 548/BT 54″x8′ Bi-Fold 12″ Sides Utility Trailer 


This versital trailer comes with 4 tie downs and a swivel tongue jack. It has a bi-fold aluminum tailgate and the option of 12″ front and side racks. Weighing only 320 pounds, it’s easy to pull and good for your gas mileage.
See more information here.

3. 2015 Aluma 548 54″ x 8′ Bi-Fold Ramp Gate 24″ Sides Utility Trailer 


With 24″ front and side racks, this trailer gives you the security you need to haul your precious cargo. The aluminum tailgate is 39″ long and and it has a bumper pull hitch. Another great choice!
See more information here.

4. 2015 Aluma 6310/BT 63″x10′ Bi-Fold Gate 12″ Sides Utility Trailer


This trailer is a bit larger, with the dimensions of of 10′ x 5’3″. The 4 tie downs and aluminum bi-fold tailgate make it perfect for hauling things that go. Like all Aluma Trailers, it comes standard with LED lights.
See more information here.

5.  2014 Aluma 6310/BT 63″x10′ Bi-Fold Gate 24″ Sides Utility Trailer


Similar to number 3 on the list, the difference with this one is the size. It’s slightly bigger and has a 63″ x 10′ bed. It comes at an affordable price, ensuring you get a lot of trailer for your dollar.
See more information here.

6. 2015 Aluma 6810H/BT 68″x10′ Bi-Fold Gate Utility Trailer 


Again, this one is a similar design as the first one on the list. But with the dimension of 10′ x 5’3″, this trailer is bigger and comes with a higher towing capacity. It also has a 48″ Long A-Framed tongue with a 2″ coupler.
See more information here.

7. 2015 Aluma 7712H/BT Bi-Fold Gate 3K Torsion Utility Trailer 



On this 11’10” x 6’6″ Utility Trailer, the aluminum fenders come with a vinyl gravel guard. The 60″ long bi-fold tailgate makes the trailer easy to load. It comes complete with 4 SS D-rings and 2 stake pockets on each side.
See more information here.

8. 2015 Aluma A8812 Side Load Ramps ATV 3 Place Utility Trailer 


Now here’s a cool trailer! This utility trailer was designed for ATVs. It has 4 12″ x 70″ ramps and 8 tie down loops. It can comfortable fit 3 ATV’s, perfect for a trip with the guys!
See more information here.

9. 2015 Aluma 7814ST/BT 3K Torsion Axle Utility Trailer 


This one is made to haul UTVs, a small tractor or similar equipment. It has front and side retaining walls, 3 stake pockets on each side and 2 fold-down rear stabilizer jacks.
See more information here.

10. 2015 Aluma 8214HS Single Axle All Aluminum Utility Trailer


This versitle trailer can hold up to 3850lbs. It can be used for many things, even a small car! It is 14’5″ x 6’10” and has 4 recessed tie rings. The two ramps are 6′ and it has storage underneath.
See more information here.

11. 2015 Aluma 7816 Car Hauler 7K Torsion Axles 



The first Car Hauler on our list: A 16′ x 6’6″ tandem axle with removable aluminum fenders. This trailer is all aluminum and complete with 6 stake pockets and 2 fold-down rear stabilizer jacks.
See more information here.

12. 2015 Aluma 8218 Car Hauler 7K Torsion Axles


Our last trailer on the list is another car hauler! This will be the biggest trailer on this load with the measurements of 18′  x 6’10”. It has an A-Framed aluminum tongue that is 44.5″ long with 2-5/16″ coupler.
See more information here

These trailers are due to arrive on Thursday and there is something for everyone on this list. It’s one of the best things about Aluma: the versatility in all the options! All Aluma trailers are made completely out of aluminum. They come standard with LED lights and they are known for being lightweight and durable. For more on Aluma Trailers, read 6 Things You Should Know About Aluma Trailers. And if you didn’t find what you are looking for on this list, check out our full listing. Keep in mind that we can also order any trailer that you see on the Aluma Website.

Please share this post so that your friends don’t miss out on this great selection!

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The Inside Scoop on The 3 “Tiers” of Haulmark Trailers

This past week has been a good week because we are here in Michigan! As much as we love Nebraska, it’s always fun to come “home” to visit family and spend time in this great state. It’s also a special treat to be able to visit Grandville Trailer. This week I got to spend some time there, catch up with some of the team members and see what else is new with the store.

And despite the dreary day, seeing this makes me so excited! Is anyone else feeling giddy from the anticipation of sunshine and being outside? I could probably write a whole post on how much I love spring, but I will refrain.

While at Grandville Trailer, I also got to interview Dave on a few subjects. This week we wanted to highlight Haulmark Trailers. They are our number one supplier and brand that we sell the most. They are a great company and they produce solid trailers, making them a popular choice. Here is the video of Dave describing Haulmark Trailers.

I know what you’re thinking it. He’s a pretty cool guy. He sure knows his trailers, but he’s not just here to sell them to you. He’s here to help you find what you need. We want you to get the perfect fit, not spend as much money as we can get out of you.

But back to the Haulmark Trailers.

In his interview, Dave mentioned that these trailers are “Good, Better, Best.” Let’s break that down. I’d like to highlight the 3 “Tiers” of Haulmark Trailers.

The 3 Tiers of Haulmark Trailers

Good: Passport Trailersshowimagerv (5)

Haulmark’s line of Passport Trailers are for Entry-Level customers. I couldn’t say this better myself so here is the description of this line of trailers from the Haulmark Website:

“The Haulmark Passport series is specifically engineered for the entry-level
with light-duty applications. Safe, easy to tow and packed with value.passport2
Designed for easy towing.” ~Haulmark

Like Dave said, these trailers are good for transporting lighter material. Some customers find that these are the perfect fit for their jobs or hobbies. However, just because they are “entry-level” doesn’t mean that you miss out on the high quality features. These standard V-nosed trailers come with 24 inch stone guard and tubular steel main rails. You will find a wide range of models with various colors and door options.

showimagerv (31)Better: Transport

The next “tier” of trailers is the middle man; the Transport Trailers. They offer the best of both worlds, making them our most popular seller. Once again, here is the description of these trailers from the Haulmark Website:

The Transport series (TST) is Haulmark’s most popular line of trailers.
transport1It’s no wonder since it is loaded with versatility and value. The Transport is the perfect choice
for recreational and light commercial applications. ~Haulmark

Because this line of trailers is heavy duty and still affordable, they tend to sell more often than the others. Their versatility and high quality craftsmanship allows you to get the most out of your dollar.

 Best: Bear Series cub

There’s 4 types of trailers within the Bear Series: Cub, Grizzly Cub, Kodiak and Grizzly. With Cub being the smallest and Grizzly being the largest, there is a wide variety of trailers in this series. These are more heavy duty and designed for someone hauling heavy equipment on a regular basis. These are Haulmark’s top of the line trailers. These are valuable trailers that will last for a long time and give you the security that you need.

There you have it: The 3 tiers of Haulmark Trailers. One of the best things about choosing Haulmark is all the choices that you have. They are located in Bristol, Indiana and they have over 400 trailers in stock. So we can typically get one pretty quickly. If we have a trailer that you are interested in but you would like a different color or door style, we can get it from Haulmark in a week. When a customer wants to special order a trailer, it takes an average of 4 weeks to arrive at Grandville Trailer.

Haulmark has been around for a long time and they are one of the most well known brands of trailers. We know that we are selling a quality trailer whenever a Haulmark Trailer leaves our lot. It’s a brand that we stand by and that we are proud to carry. Here you can see our full listing of in-stock trailers. Don’t forget that we can order any trailer that you see on their website. We hope you will consider purchasing a Haulmark Trailer from us if you find yourself in need of a cargo trailer. And as always, we are happy to answer your questions!

Did you like the video of Dave? Whether you just like the video or think someone could benefit from this post, would you please share this with your friends? Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

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Funny Thing About Rental Trailers

Can I be honest with you about something? I love my job, I have a pretty sweet gig. I stay home with my kids and when they go to bed I pour myself a glass of wine and pull out my computer. If you told me 2 years ago that I would be writing a blog about trailers and ENJOYING it, I probably would have laughed at you. But I do enjoy it! I have learned so much about trailers and I enjoy passing my knowledge along to others. I enjoy being a part of our family business and seeing the benefits of my work.


Back to the “being honest” part.

Sometimes, as fascinating as trailers are, sometimes I just have to change things up a bit to keep myself entertained. Which is why I made this video about our rental trailers last week. I posted it earlier this week and it’s gotten a pretty good reaction. Even if you couldn’t care less about trailers, I promise you will enjoy this video.

We understand that plenty of our customers really don’t have the need to purchase a trailer. But many have the need for a rental trailer. That’s why we have worked to create a great selection of trailers to rent for whatever the job is. Our rates are very reasonable and we are a joy to work with! You can even read our Google reviews  to see what our previous customers have said about us. (Or you can head over there and give us a review yourself.) Our Facebook Page also has quite a few reviews.

Back to the rental trailers. I’m going to keep it brief here because we have all the information you need on our rental trailer page. We have 8 trailers to choose from that range from $30-$79 a day. We also have some additional items available to rent such as ball mounts, balls and pins and motorcycle straps.

So this spring if you find yourself in need of a rental trailer for your home projects, weekend gig or to give grandma a ride, remember us and our low prices on trailers. We are here to help and happy to answer any questions.

Please pass this along! You never know what friends could benefit from knowing where to find a great rental trailer. Thank you for reading and I hope we can work together soon!

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Neo Trailers: 5 Reasons You Won’t be Able to Resist This Sale

We’ve had a lot of requests for this extremely popular aluminum trailer. We started stocking Neo Trailers in August. In fact, when we were anticipating our first load, I wrote Neo Trailers: 5 Reasons to Get Excited. We are proud to be Neo dealers because we know our customers are purchasing quality trailers when they choose this brand.

We recently put in a large order for some of these trailers. We recieved a variety of brand new trailers on sale, which means our customers will get them for a great price too! I will provide more information on this later in this post. 

There’s a lot to love about these trailers, and I would like to elaborate on 5 things in particular.

1. Aluminumshowimagerv 9

There are many perks to an aluminum trailer. There are two major advantages, in particular, that I want to make sure you’re aware of:

  1. Rust Free- Aluminum is extremely resistant to all forms of weather and corrosion. It keeps its shiny, clean appearance which results in a longer life-span. It also holds its resale value (not that you would EVER want to get rid of your aluminum trailer, of course.)
  2. Lightweight- On average,  an aluminum trailer weighs 25% less than its steel framed equivalent. A lighter trailer is much easier to tow and also allows you to pull more cargo. Wouldn’t it be nice to free up some of that weight so that you can have more flexibility with what you’re transporting? Another advantage to pulling less trailer weight is the increase you will see in your MPG. Save your pennies for some fancy trailer accessories!

We are big fans of aluminum trailers; they offer a lot of things that steel trailers don’t. If you would like to know more facts on the advantages of aluminum, you can read Aluminum Trailers vs. Steel Trailers. The article is written by Featherlite Trailers and is based off of horse trailers. The facts are still applicable to us and are very interesting, however, we don’t typically have to worry about horse urine.

2. LED Lighting

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting is becoming very popular among trailers as well as just about everywhere else! Many manufacturers are jumping on the light bandwagon and putting these on their trailers. If you don’t yet know why these lights are getting to be so popular, here are 4 reasons!

1.Long Life-Span- This is probably the most well known fact of these lights. They last for a really, really, really, really, really, really -you get the point- really long time! When a typical LED light bulb is used 8 hours a day, it will last for 17 years!

2.Durable- Just like the aluminum, LED lights perform beautifully in all types of weather. Even in extremely low temperatures, they still are effective. And that’s kind of a requirement living in West Michigan. Anyone else ready for spring? Along with the cold, they are also resistant to shock and vibrations. Could there be a better lighting match for a trailer?

3.Go Green- These babies use energy much more efficiently than a regular incandescent bulb. There is very little wasted heat and they don’t contain any mercury. This means that their environmental impact is much smaller than that of other light bulbs.

4. They are the Future- It is estimated that by 2030, 75% of our lighting will be from LED lights. Because they are so efficient, if we spend the next 20 years switching completely to LED lights, the US would save approximately $250 billion in energy costs. This would greatly reduce our carbon emissions and prolong the dreaded effects of global warming.

The benefits from switching to LED lights are unbeatable. Whenever you decide to upgrade your current trailer with some, we have a great selection of them in our store. Thankfully, Neo’s trailers come standard with LED exterior lights.

3. Stone Guard

The bottom of the front of a trailer is a vulnerable place. Rocks, salt, ice and other debris launches up from the back tires,  quickly damaging that area. Even with good mud flaps, it’s inevitable for the trailer to get scratched, dented and beaten down. There are many products on the market to add protection to the front of your trailer. I have seen guards that attach to the hitch and even some that drape from the bottom of the tow vehicle to the trailer! To me that just sounds like extra, unnecessary work.

Which is why we’ve got to love Neo! Their trailers come standard with a diamond plate stone guard on the front. They all are covered on the bottom 12 inches, which makes such a big difference in the life of your trailer! The stone guard aids in keeping your trailer looking new and upholding the resale value. (Which we have already been over, you’re not going to sell your aluminum trailer anyway.) Because Neo’s trailers come standard with this protection, you can skip the extra work that comes with the bulky guards.

4. Dexter Spring Axle

showimagerv (5)Okay so we have two things to cover here. The “Dexter” part and the “spring” part. Have you heard of Dexter Axles? They manufacture quality, state of the art products. They are well known and respected in the automotive industry. They have a team of engineers so that they are always creating the most efficient product. They use the best equipment and everything they make goes under extreme testing. Thankfully, Neo Manufacturing has chosen Dexter as an axle supplier! There has been great debate on Spring Axles vs Torsion Axles. Although which one is better for you really depends on your trailer use, let me give you some of the benefits of a Spring Axle:

  1. Spring Axles perform better in cold weather as Torsion Axles tend to lose some elasticity in cold temperatures.
  2. Spring Axles distribute the load’s weight evenly and allow for heavier loads.
  3. Spring Axles are less expensive (in this case resulting in a less expensive trailer).
  4. Spring Axles are easier to repair.
  5. Spring Axles are more durable and can handle a little off-roading.

Considering a lot of these trailers will get used for toys and heavy work equipment, Dexter Spring Axles sound like your best option. Neo thought so too, which is why these trailers will all come equipped with the perfect Axle.

5. Color Options

If you’re going to purchase a new trailer, why not tow in style? Neo has some of the best looking trailers on the market. The one piece seamless aluminum roof combined with the 030 bonded, screwless exterior skin gives the trailer such a sleek and elegant look. Here are two videos. The first is on the NAVF (Flat top) models and the second is on the NAVR (Round top) models. Keep in mind that most of ours are swing doors.

And we have these trailers available in the following color options:

6×12 NAVF: Black, Charcoal, Silver, White, Blue, Red
6×12 NAVR: Orange
7×14 NAVR: Pewter, Black, Red, Silver/Black, White
7×16 NAVR: Charcoal, Silver

No doubt we are about to have a very colorful parking lot as the rest of these trailers arrive!

As I mentioned in the beginning, we are currently receiving our big order of Neo aluminum trailers. We are getting a total of 6 truck loads and we are expecting them to all be here by mid-March. We purchased these brand new 2015 trailers for a great sale price. We are extending the sale to our customers and are anticipating these trailers to sell quickly. We do have other Neo trailers in stock, however the sale price is only available to the select models that are listed above. You can see our full listing of Neo Trailers here.

Call or stop in to claim your trailer. Now is the time to purchase a Neo!

And comment on the social media post, to let us know: do you prefer a spring axle or a torsion axle? Tell us which one and why!

Please share this post with anyone you know who is interested in a small trailer. Don’t let your friends miss out on our deal!

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