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Neo Trailers: Customizable and Affordable

NEO Trailers: Customizable and Affordable

We brought NEO Trailers to West Michigan in 2014. 

And we’re so glad we did. 

Thanks to the high quality craftsmanship, varying custom options and competitive pricing, NEO Trailers has become one of the top selling brands at Grandville Trailer. 

This article will highlight SOME of the standard and optional features available to you when you choose NEO. If you’d like to see the complete list of options, you’re going to want to head to NEO’s virtual designer. At the bottom of that page you can select the model you’re interested in and hit “create your worksheet.” The link for the virtual designer is at the bottom of this page.

**Note: NEO Trailers makes fully enclosed, aluminum cargo trailers. If you’re looking for something else like a dump trailer, equipment trailer, open utility trailer, etc; then take a look at our other inventory! 

Otherwise, stick around to see what makes these trailers stand out from all the rest.

Standard Features on NEO Trailers

NEO’s engineer department is continually creating new standard and optional features. By staying ahead of other manufactures and maintaining the same great prices, NEO continues to supply us with trailers that our customers love.

The NAS is a popular choice. Here is a great walk-around video where you can see some of the standard and optional features. Check NEO’s website for a few more videos like this.

No matter what model you select, NEO trailers are always a great value. But right now, we have nothing older than 2020 which means you’re getting all the latest and greatest standard features.

Here are some of the standard features in 2020 that make these trailers so different from other brands:

Aluminum Construction

Aluminum is a really good material for trailers. Even though it’s not as strong as steel, it’s plenty supportive enough for hauling UTV’s, snowmobiles and show cars. (We typically recommend an open, steel trailer for those hauling heavy landscaping and agricultural equipment.)

Aluminum is lightweight, which means you can spend more of your vehicle’s payload capacity on your actual cargo. It also improves on MPG and DOES NOT RUST.

V-Nose or The New Bull Nose

I’ve seen a lot of debate on whether or not a v-nose trailer is actually more fuel efficient than a flat front trailer. Years ago, NEO conducted their own research and found that a v-nose truly ensued better gas mileage by 20%. Now you’ll find that all models come standard with a v-nose.

One exception is the new Bull Nose Auto Trailer. Giving you the best of both worlds, this new design offers more space in the front while maintaining that aerodynamic slant.

24 Inch Stone Guard

A nice touch added to all the trailers, the stone guard will act as a shield to your trailer from all kinds of rocks, salt and debris.

Bonded Screwless Exterior Skin

This is where NEO’s design team really takes it the extra mile on craftsmanship. I’m always blown away when I see how sleek and classy these trailers look compared to other brands.

Dexter Spring/Torsion Axles

NEO has chosen Dexter to supply them with all their axles. Dexter is a fantastic and reputable company that has been creating trailer and recreational vehicle parts for 60 years. The type of axle depends on the model that you choose. However if the trailer you’d like comes standard with a spring axle you can always choose to upgrade to torsion.

NEO Trailers

NXP Stainless Steel Latch (Select Models)

This easy to use latch comes standard on several models. Those models with the basic latch can always be upgraded with the NXP latch. They promise that the latch won’t rust and is hard to break into.

Exterior Grade Plywood Floor

We like it because it’s durable, weather resistant and moisture proof. It won’t rot it’s made to be outside and driven on.

LED Lights

Any and all lighting on your NEO trailer will be LED. Most of the trailer industry has made the switch to LED lighting because it’s more efficient, causes less pollution, and will outlast any other lighting.

Optional Features on NEO Trailers

I’m amazed by how many ways you can choose to customize your trailer. NEO offers a huge variety of add-ons to give you exactly what you need. Take a look at what they have to say and then read on to see some of the most popular options:

Each trailer model has a variety of options available so you can customize your trailer for your specific needs. Due to variations in dimensions and option placement, some options are not available on certain models so it is important to first determine the model you’re interested in and then click the VIEW/PRINT OPTIONS WORKSHEET to see a customized list of what you can choose for your trailer.” -NEO


If nothing else grabs your attention, you’ve got to take a look at NEO’s line of cabinets. Created in house, these cabinets are made from the same aluminum as the trailers and make a world of difference in your towing experience. Having a place to put your tools, helmets, clothing and other necessities means that you can stay organized at your campsite or job site.

If you’re not actually in the market for a new trailer just yet, you can order JUST the cabinets and install them in your existing trailer. Click on the link above to browse cabinets and let us know if you’d like or order some!

Spring Assist Ramp Door & ProFlap

The ProFlap was designed by the Engineers at NEO and is a popular option for a ramp door. You can see in the picture that there is no piano hinge on the ramp. This creates a clear, smooth path for loading and unloading. It especially makes a difference when transporting snowmobiles.

Exterior Color and Design

Everything that NEO makes is finished beautifully, but there’s always the option to choose your own color(s) and design. Whether it’s for your business or if you’d just like to match your truck, they’ve got the options to get you the look you want.

Front Ramp Door

A front ramp door in addition to the rear ramp door provides much more versatility and ease of use. If you’re hauling one or more recreational vehicles, you may want to check out this option.

NEO Trailers

Additional Doors

Adding a 14″x14″ fuel door means that you can fill up your sleds inside your trailer when you’re stopped filling up your truck. Or add a 30″x24″ generator door for more adventuring options or work possibilities.


There are quite a bit of options here for interior and exterior. Loading lights, additional break lights, flood lights and cabinent lighting are all popular options. NEO uses only LED lights which burn efficiently and last a long time.

Electric Add-Ons

Again, NEO offers a lot of really cool custom options here. Add an AC unit and stereo receiver with Bluetooth if you plan to sleep in your trailer overnight for ultimate adventuring.

Interior Wall and Ceiling Options

Give the interior of your trailer a more finished look with aluminum or vinyl siding and some trim. Choose from white, black, green and more.

NEO Trailers

Exterior Features

NEO’s options here are extensive and unique. Some of the most popular features that get chosen are ladder racks, Pro Stabilizer jacks, higher stone guards, awnings and windows.

Interior Features

You can customize your trailer with things like D-rings, kick plate, E Track and even insulation. This is where you can decide on exactly what you need without paying for what you don’t want.

Virtual Designer

At the beginning, I mentioned the new virtual designer on NEO’s website. It’s a great chance to see what your trailer can look like before you even order it. Simply choose the model you’d like, color(s), and design. Then pull up the Trailer Order Worksheet and select the custom options that you want.

I’d encourage you to browse their website too. They have a lot of excellent pictures and videos that can help you in deciding what’s right for you.

As always, please call us at 616-538-2290 or email if you have any questions or when you’re ready to place your order. We’re here to help!

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Diamond C Trailers: Quality That’s Affordable

Diamond C Trailers

Diamond C Trailers are manufactured in Texas by a Family owned and operated business. We chose to bring them to Michigan five years ago because we were impressed with their quality and workmanship. We think you’ll like them too. That’s why we continue to stock them and add more models to our inventory.

An Overview of Diamond C Trailers

With over 40 models, Diamond C continues to create top quality trailers for affordable prices. We love selling them and our customers love buying them. Ranging from small utility trailers to full size car haulers, these are all steel, open, flat bed trailers. You’ll find that each one is thoughtfully designed and expertly manufactured to be more durable and functional than ever before.

Simply put: Diamond C Trailers are strong, functional, affordable, and good-looking. Basically the super models of open trailers.

Let’s take a quick look into the five basic models of Diamond C Trailers. From there you can see what similar models we have in stock and what we can special order for you from the Lone Star State.

1. Utility Trailers

Diamond C Utility Trailer

These basic, versatile utility trailers start out at only $1,395. With so many options and sizes to choose from, you’ll love all the use you can get out of this multipurpose trailer.

But take a look at the ten other models along with this one. You’ll find heavy duty trailers, landscape trailers, high sided options and several kinds of ramp gates.

In Stock Diamond C Utility Trailers
More Single Axle Models
More Tandem Axle Models

2. Dump TrailersDiamond C Dump Trailer

As I’m writing this, dump trailers are leaving the lot left and right. With spring coming, people must be getting ready for a new season of work. Whether you need a small one to #dowork at home or a commercial grade trailer for your business, Diamond C has something for you.

There are many optional features to customize your trailer to fit your needs. One of the newer features we started carrying is the Telescopic lift. Check it out in the video below- it’s pretty cool!

In Stock Diamond C Dump Trailers
More Models

3. Car Haulers

Diamond C Car Hauler

“Are you a commercial auto transporter, weekend drag racer, or classic car collector in need of a car hauler? Diamond C’s versatile lineup of auto and flatbed car trailers are ideal for transport trailer applications, with solutions ranging from the basics to unique show-car builds. Customizable options include steel or wood floor, electric/hydraulic powered tilt, recessed tie downs, rock shields, aluminum trim packages, gooseneck packages, custom paint jobs, and much more.” -Diamond C

In Stock Car Haulers
More Models

4. Equipment Trailers

Diamond C Equipment Trailer

All of Diamond C’s equipment trailers are built to work hard and designed to keep up with your work schedule.  The wide variety of models are perfectly crafted to give you all the support you need for your equipment.

The equipment trailers range from general duty to extreme duty and come with tilt beds, dove tails or ramps. All (except the Single Axle Hydraulically Dampened Tilt Equipment Trailer– say that five times fast) come with tandem axles and the standard steel frame.

In Stock Equipment Trailers
More Models

5. Gooseneck Trailers

Diamond C Gooseneck Trailer

“We design, engineer, and optimize our own U.S. Patent Protected I-Beams to fit each Fleetneck model. Fleetnecks are stronger yet lighter, featuring the best strength-to-weight ratios of any steel frame gooseneck trailer on the road. Highlighted options include our industry best 12′ Hydraulic Dovetail, 44″ Wide Max Ramps, up to 44′ length, Air Ride Suspension, and Sway Control.” -Diamond C

While we don’t keep gooseneck trailers in stock (if only our lot was bigger!) we can definitely special order any model for our customers, so check em out!

Browse Gooseneck Trailers

>>> <<<

Also, take a look at Diamond C’s Pintle Hitch Trailers and Step Deck Trailers and let us know if you have any questions.

These trailers really are extremely high quality and so affordable. It’s been a joy working with Diamond C for the past five years and we feel good about promoting and selling their trailers. Take a look at our full Diamond C inventory and shoot us a message or give us a call if there’s anything we can help you with!

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Sport Haven Trailers For Snowmobilers

Sport Haven Trailers for Snowmobilers

This has been a weird winter so far. It’s my first winter back in Michigan after eight years of living in other various places. And I’ve got to be honest: this is not the winter I remember!

I’m not complaining though. I didn’t exactly miss the icy roads, the absent sun and cleaning off my car after a 30 minute errand. So I’m in no rush for the inevitable.

I know I’m not alone in this but I also realize that many Michiganders are praying for all the snow so they can bust out the snowmobiles. If you’ve got any snowmobile trips planned, we know just the thing to get you there. We’ve got the best selection of snowmobile trailers in Michigan, but today I’d like to highlight Sport Haven Trailers.

Sport Haven Trailers

Sport Haven Trailers

We’ve been carrying this brand for several years and they keep on improving their product! The 2020 model has a sleek, new look and is extremely popular this year.

Sport Haven Trailers

Sport Haven Trailers for Snowmobilers

Aluminum Construction

Aluminum is the perfect material for a snowmobile trailer. A 12′ Sport Haven trailer weighs 900lbs while a similar trailer made from steel can weigh 1,500lbs. A lightweight trailer is easier to tow and can lower your gas mileage.

But the best thing about these aluminum trailers is that they wont rust! Through all kinds of Michigan weather, your trailer will keep its clean look and maintain its resale value for later on.

Sport Haven Trailers

New Features

  1. Slide channel tracks for tie downs. You’ll be able to tie down your sled no matter its size.
  2. 3500lb Dexter Torsion Axle
  3. Swivel jack with wheel
  4. .030 Screwless aluminum panels
  5. Rear ramp door with ramp extension
  6. Front access door 21in X 64in and driver’s side fuel door
  7. Aluminum stone guard and LED lights
  8. ST145/R12 LRE Tires

Sport Haven Trailers for Snowmobilers

Sport Haven Trailers Stone Guard


Sport Haven Trailers continues to be a quality and trusted brand. We love selling something that is well built and our customers love the price!

To see our full inventory of Sport Haven trailers, click here. If you want to browse more models, head over to Sport Haven’s website. Stop by or give us a call if you’re interested in ordering something we don’t have in stock. We’re happy to help you get the perfect trailer!

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The Best Snowmobile Trailers in Michigan

NEO Snowmobile Trailers

Some of you are soaking up the last few weeks of summer and hot afternoons. Some of you are in the middle of back to school shopping and preparations. But it’s already a new season here for us: Pre-ordering snowmobile trailers.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a house with Dave. His passion for snowmobiling provided many thrill rides in the fresh powder and learning to drive them ourselves. He has taken several long trips through Michigan on his snowmobiles- I’m sure he’d love to tell you about them next time you’re at GT. Being a snowmobile rider himself, he knows a good snowmobile trailer when he sees one. We’re proud to have this option at our store and our customers are so happy with these year after year!

NEO NAS All Sport

Features of the Aluminum Snowmobile Trailer

Being over 24 feet in length, this snowmobile trailer is able to hold 3 sleds and all your gear. Not to mention all your other toys throughout the rest of the year. Like all NEO trailers, it is made with aluminum and comes with LED lights. Aluminum is the perfect material because it is lightweight and doesn’t rust. LED lights are a must because they can withstand extreme temperatures, last a REALLY long time, and hey- they’re good for the environment too. The drop leg tongue jack is easy to use and the flush lock curbside door allows a third and easy entrance.NEO Snowmobile Trailer

This snowmobile trailer is incredibly designed and one of the best looking products on the market. And the best part? Like all NEO trailers, it is very affordable. We are convinced that this is the best choice for any snowmobile owner. Feel free to see what NEO trailers we have in stock, but keep in mind that we often custom order these for our customers too!

Pre-order Yours Today!NEO Trailer Virtual Designer

Head over to NEO Trailer’s website and design your own snowmobile trailer, they have so many styles to choose from! Stop by or give us a call at 538-2290 and we’ll get started on ordering yours!

FYI: Order before August 16th and we’ll hook you up with FREE upgrades! A $500 Value!

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The Small Utility Trailer That Everyone Wants

Floe Cargo Max Small Utility Trailer

A Top Selling Small Utility Trailer in Michigan

“We are getting a new arrival here today. It’s new and cutting edge. It’s smart, strong and stylish. And it’s about time someone came up with this. It’s the FlOE Cargo Max utility trailer.” 

↑↑ This was written in 2014. Now we’re pleased share that this trailer was everything we hoped for and more! Customers are always pleased with the versatility and durability of this small utility trailer. Here’s a few reasons why they have become so popular.

A Little Aluminum

In the trailer world, when we hear “aluminum” our attention is grabbed. It’s no secret that we love aluminum trailers. So that’s why we are such big fans of Aluma and Neo. Aluminum is a perfect base material for any trailer because it is both lightweight and strong. Being rust free and extremely resistant to climate changes, it’s the best material for outdoor equipment in the Midwest. So when we first heard of this FLOE trailer and all it’s aluminum-ness, of course we wanted to know more.Floe CargoMax small utility trailer with a polymer bed

A Little Polymer

One of the things that makes this trailer stand out; its not JUST aluminum. This small utility trailer has a rugged polymer bed. The UV-resistant material is ideal because it does not rust, rot, or dent. Nor will it ever need a paint job. And have you seen it? It looks awesome! small utility trailer that can support a lot of weight

Unbeatable Design

But seriously, the bed. The engineers of this trailer obviously knew what they were doing. You’ll notice in the picture below that the 8-foot frame is grooved to help hold down your belongings. And here is something extra cool: there are collapsing tie-downs that connect to the aluminum frame! Is anyone else asking “why didn’t I think of that?”  Also, this small utility trailer is also built with a full rubber torsion independent suspension. It is really made to be easily pulled behind any vehicle and by (almost) anyone. specs

This Small Utility Trailer Has Remarkable Strength

Between the lightweight aluminum and polymer bed, the smallest model weighs in at a modest 290lbs. But don’t let that fool you. This trailer is a David with the strength of a Goliath. It has the ability of carrying 1800lbs- that’s over 6 times it’s weight! It will have no problem hauling your ATV’s, snowmobiles, or hunting equipment (and hopefully trophies too!)

Need a bigger payload capacity? Check out our other three models able to carry up to 2,230lbs.
showimagerv (2)

If you’re looking for a small utility trailer that will last for years to come, take a minute to look over the details of this trailer and consider the different sizes. We think you’ll like it just as much as we do!

“Thanks to all of you for selling me the Cargo Max trailer. We live in Wisconsin. Older trailer had issues and we needed something to move 4-wheeler, ice house and family out to go ice fishing. New trailer works great. Light weight, tows great on the ice and off. Back in Wisconsin now and can’t wait to haul wood chips. Thanks again to Cargo Max and Grandville Trailer for great sales and service.” – Sandi

Thanks for reading!
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6 Reasons to Consider Aluma Trailers

Why Aluminum Trailers in Michigan are on the Rise

Here at Grandville Trailer, we have been selling Aluma Trailers faster than any others. They never sit on our lot for very long. We love how durable and dependable they are and so do our customers!  If you are unfamiliar with Aluma trailers, this post is for you. Here’s why you should consider an aluminum trailer in Michigan.

7814st-utility-trailerAluminum Trailers Don’t Rust

I’m going to  take a second to state the obvious here. Aluma trailers are made from aluminum and aluminum doesn’t rust. Boom. It’s really a pretty miraculous thing for all us Michiganders and mid-west people. The four seasons take a toll on our cars, boats, campers and toys. Having aluminum trailers in Michigan just makes sense.

LED Lights

A lot of trailer owners like to update their trailers by putting LED lights on them. Their energy efficiency and long life makes them very appealing. And because they are mercury free, they have a much smaller environmental impact than traditional light bulbs. LED lights come standard on all Aluma Trailers. We’re glad that Aluma puts such quality into their trailers.

Aluminum Trailers are Light Weight

The average aluminum trailer weighs 25% less than its steel-framed equivalent.  That frees up a considerable amount of your towing capacity so you can use your space on what you’d like. Not to mention that less weight means a higher MPG. If you’re going to buy a trailer, why not purchase one that will be easier on your wallet?

5 Year Warranty

Aluma trailers come with this 5 year warranty. This covers any defects in the material and workmanship of the unit. In those 5 years after purchase, if there is a problem, you can send your aluminum trailer directly to Aluma in Bancroft, Iowa. They will determine if the problem falls under the warranty, in which case, they will repair it free of charge.

Endless Models of Aluminum Trailers

Though their most popular is the open utility aluminum trailer, Aluma makes trailers for everyone. The options are extensive with motorcycle, car and snowmobile trailers, aluminum ATV trailers, car haulers, enclosed trailers and more. When it’s time for you to buy a new trailer, there is no doubt that Aluma can provide what you’re looking for.

Aluma is Widely Trusted and Well Respected

  1. NATM Certified- (National Association of Trailer Manufactures) All trailers are built under the NATM guidelines.
  2. NATDA Members- (North American Trailer Dealers Association) Here is more about them.

“Just got a 8112 utility trailer, it’s a great trailer. Easy to load and light. It pulls awesome. The tie downs are easy to get to, ramp goes down easy and doesn’t squeak at all. This is my 3 Aluma and will continue to to buy more. Thank you Aluma.” -Nate

Head on over to our Aluma page to see what aluminum trailers we have in stock and on order. Keep in mind that we are happy to order your specific model if we don’t have it on the lot!

Want to see another option for enclosed aluminum trailers in Michigan? You’ll love our selection from Neo!

Have a great day and call us with any questions!

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