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Neo Trailers: 5 Reasons to get Excited

5 Nifty Things About Neo Trailers

We are so excited here at GT because we have a new supplier! This week we will be getting in our very first shipment of Neo trailers and we can’t wait to have them here! They are all about fun and providing the perfect trailer for your toys. Weather you like to take your quads to the sand dunes or sea dos out to the lakes, you should really consider checking with them to find the right trailer to do the job. Neo makes all aluminum, v-nosed, enclosed trailers. They are smooth, sleek, durable and incredibly priced. And we love the fact that they are located in Sturgis, MI! We have been so impressed with how they run their business and how they make these trailers. I think you’ll be just as impressed. Here are a few reasons why we think they are so great.

1. All Aluminum Trailers8

If you’ve been reading our blog, then you know we already love aluminum trailers. They are lightweight so that you can pull more cargo and less trailer. They are rust free and last much longer. They are durable and easier on  your tow vehicle. And in this case, they are some good looking trailers! Dave Tosh even described them as “sexy.”

2. V-nosed

2You will find that Neo only produces v-nosed trailers. They firmly believe they are more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. In fact, they say that on average, a v-nosed trailer will give you 20% better fuel economy than a flat front trailer. There you have it; Neo has answered the question that we hear over and over. What type of enclosed trailers are more aerodynamic? Now we know.

3. Keeping it Simple: 9 models3

Neo manufactures 4 different kinds of trailers: Auto, All Sport, Motorcycle and Cargo. They have one model motorcycle trailer and the rest have a couple to chose from. The models differ with the tops: round top vs. flat top. They have really perfected the models that they have, eliminating the need to produce more. Why change a good thing? Having  fewer choices will make it so much easier for you to chose. Once thing is for sure, you’re going to want to chose Neo!

4. Unbeatable Prices

4Let’s be honest, money doesn’t grow on trees. I’m sure we would all love to have a money tree in our backyard, but life just doesn’t work that way. So when shopping for a new trailer, this is one of the biggest contributing factors. You want to find a good trailer for your money, and that is what Neo can give you. Their enclosed trailers are so affordable so you can get a whole lotta bang for your buck.

5. Cabinetspic60

This is another thing that makes Neo stand out. They have a line of cabinets for inside your trailer. They look just as nice as the trailers and they are also made from aluminum to give you all the same benefits. Weather you just want a small one to keep your tools or a whole set to line the inside of your trailer, they are definitely worth a look!

Hopefully you can get an idea as to why we are so excited to have these products on our lot. These enclosed trailers are just as they said in their video. ^^ They are elegant, durable and made to last! Stay tuned. We will let you know when the first load comes in this week and we will soon get our stock right here on our website. We are so excited and proud to be a stocking Neo dealer. We hope you will consider them for your next trailer purchase!

At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin’ for ya!



Inside Grandville Trailer

I just want to take a minute to talk about our store. Dave and Andrea Tosh took ownership of Grandville Trailer in 2012. They have poured a lot into making the store look as good as it does. They have also worked hard on the inventory inside of the store. We really want our business to be a place where our customers can come for everything they need. We want to ensure you the capability of coming to once place for your trailer service, parts and trailers in Grand Rapids. Before I tell you about what we stock, here are some pictures to show you the transformation of the outside of the store. We are really proud of this!

Grandville Trailer in 2012:

GT 008








Grandville Trailer today:

Shop 013






Our sign also had a makeover of it’s own.

GT 112

GT 116






I recently did a post called More Than Trailers as just a basic overview of Grandville Trailer. But now I want to go a little more in-dept into what we actually have in our store. We like to say that we are a trailer owner’s “One stop shop”. We want to save you from the hassle of searching all over town for what you need. That’s why we have worked so hard to keep our store well stocked. We pay attention to what’s new on the market as well as what our customers come looking for. Here is a list of what you will find in our store. Keep in mind that we have even more that what is on that list. But here are just a few of our main items that every trailer owner should be familiar with.



We have a whole separate room stocked with tires for your trailers. Every 2-3 weeks, Dave (owner) takes a trip to Indiana to our tire supplier. He comes back each time with a load of 50-100 tires. That’s quite a load! Good thing we sell trailers, huh? So keep us in mind when you need new tires on your trailer.


It’s a small, inexpensive item that just may save you from losing a large possession. We really encourage all trailer owners to take this extra precaution to protect their property. We carry these right in our store, so when you come in for any parts, accessories, or service, please consider grabbing a lock as well.

Ball Mounts


Here is another thing that we like to keep well stocked. A lot of our ball mounts are top quality and made by Curt. These are big sellers here, and for good reason. We have a wide range of models so that you can have the best selection possible. So check with us instead of searching all over town.


Tongue Jacks

This is a necessity for every trailer, so you bet your bottom dollar that you can find them in our store. Once again, we have a wide variety to ensure that you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Swift Hitch Portable Camera System

This is one of our newer products that we can’t get enough of. It is super cool, so handy, and you’ll wonder what you ever did without it. We have had  lot of fun playing with ours. It is very durable and user-friendly. I don’t know why someone didn’t think of this sooner! We love it so much, I wrote about it a couple weeks ago. You can see that post here. We have this on display by the counter in the store, so feel free to play around with it next time you’re here.

LED Lights

LED lights are a great way to give your trailer a sensible, modern update. For one thing, they last for a really long time… I mean, it’s really kind of ridiculous how long they last. We’re talking 10-20 years! Thanks to the fact that they are mercury free, they are much better for our Pure Michigan air. They are perfect for trailers because they can withstand extremely cold temperatures and they are resistant to shocks and vibration. Low maintenance, durable, and long lasting. Why wouldn’t you switch to LED?

Well there you have it. Some of our favorites and top sellers. Check out this video for a peek into our store.

We’ve been working hard and we will continue to do so. We’re proud to have the best parts, service and trailers in Grand Rapids. Happy as we are about how our store is looking, we’re not done. We just purchased the tattoo shop next to our lot. We contemplated learning another trade, but decided on sticking with trailers. Instead, we will be tearing down the building and extending our lot so that we can keep a bigger stock! Stay tuned as we move forward. We’re pretty excited about this! But for now, we’re just enjoying telling everyone that we bought a tattoo parlor!

At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin’ for ya!





More Than Trailers

At Grandville Trailer, we take pride in what we do. Our small and honest business thrives on loyal customers like you. We are family owned and operated and serving all of west Michigan. Whether you’re looking to buy a trailer, or you are in need of parts or service for your existing trailer, Grandville Trailer is the perfect place for you.trailers1

Because we’re the leading Grand Rapids trailer supplier, we work hard to make our store a one stop shop for all your trailer needs. Here are a few ways that we can serve you.

  • Service department– Our knowledgeable team is experienced in all kinds of trailer repair and maintenance.
  • Parts and accessories– Instead of searching the
     town to find the part you need, come to us first and we’ll get you hooked up.
  • Trailer Rentals– For your weekend trip or project.
  • Trailer Sales– We have all the major brands and styles.

Watch this short video to see more of this Grand Rapids trailer store and let us know what we can do for you.

At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin for ya!