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Caliber Snowmobile Products Buying Guide

We carry a wide variety of Caliber snowmobile products that will completely change the way you use your trailer. Each of these products will increase the ease of which you load and unload your snowmobiles and other vehicles. They also add safety and protect your trailer, helping to maintain its value.

This is where you can find all the best accessories for your snowmobile trailer in one place. Get the information you need to buy only the products that make sense for your trailer and your specific setup.

I’ll add a picture and a brief description of each product and then a link for you to get even more information. Every link will take you to the product page on Caliber’s website where you can find more pictures, pricing, videos and general information.

Caliber snowmobile products buying guide

Caliber Snowmobile Products

“We develop products that address the ATV, snowmobile, and marine trailer markets. Our product line has grown to include a broad range of innovative products addressing the desires of power sports industry participants throughout the world.

Caliber is dedicated to producing the highest quality products and we stand behind them. All Caliber products carry a limited LIFETIME warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, and normal use breakage.


Click on each link to get all the details and to see each product’s video. All Caliber products are made in the USA!


The TraxMat provides great traction on your trailer for loading and unoading your snowmobile. It will protect your trailer floor from studs and the grooves on the bottom will prevent your trailer from rotting.

caliber snowmobile products

The Traxmat comes in two sizes: 54″ or 72″ long and has a lifetime warranty! Get the details watch the informational video by tapping the button below.

LowPro Grip Glides

This versatile product makes a lot of things possible. They make loading anything so much easier: snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, dirtbikes, snowbikes and motorcycles. But they were first made to prevent slips and falls on ramp doors and tilt beds.

There are quite a few sizing options here that start at $49.95. So check out all the ways the LowPro Grip Glides can improve your trailer.

LowPro Glides

Get the glides without the grip. This means that you can maneuver your sleds easier while still maintaining a space that’s easy to walk on and use for other things.

There’s a lot of sizing options here so you can tailor your order to fit your needs. Caliber’s website has a great configuration tool to determine what size products will fit your trailer the best. Check it out!

Poly Shield III

The Poly Shield is designed for tilt trailers and is made to protect your snowmobiles, ATVs and motorcycles from road debris and salt. It’s extremely durable even in the coldest temperatures. It’s simple to install with the tools you have at home and easy to take off when you don’t need it. Get the details by tapping the button below!

caliber snowmobile products: poly shield

Trax Grabber

This product is made for you to have traction when loading your snowmobiles. The strong and flexible material is guaranteed not to crack, break or wear out. It’s specifically designed to fit all tracks and can be easily modified to do so.

Flex Glides

One of the most versatile Caliber snowmobile products! The Flex Glides come in packs of 8 that can be divided up, and manipulated to fit your trailer and your specific setup. They act as a guide for your snowmobiles, improving your mobility during loading and unloading. You’ll notice in the picture below that these come in both high profile (next to the trailer wall) and low profile (tracks in the middle of the trailer.)

caliber snowmobile products: flexglides

Check them out and get them at Grandville Trailer!

There you have it.

Our favorite snowmobile trailer accessories from Caliber. If you didn’t see what you’re looking for, take a look at at some of the other parts and accessories that we carry right here. Some other popular products are the Weigh Safe hitch, WeatherTech floor mats and Curt brake controllers.

Give us a call at 616-538-2290 if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

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Towing in the Snow Tips

Towing in the snow brings a new level of risk factors and requires the driver to be a bit more attentive. Regardless of the added weight and extra risks, it can still be done safely with these tips. After all, many of you rely on your trailer and equipment for your livelihood. And some of you have been looking forward to snowmobile season all year. (If that’s you, take a look at our new snowmobile trailers!)

Dangerous Conditions

Do you remember the massive car pile-up on 1-94? It happened in January of 2015 and there was a whopping 193 cars involved, shutting down the highway for two full days. With icy roads and low visibility, no one was able to see the pileup with enough time to slow down. By the time they saw the brake lights, it would be too late.

Michigan is the number one state for snow related accidents and fatalities. This is why it’s so important that we all take these steps to ensure safe roads- even when we’re not pulling a trailer.

I was very surprised to find that Texas comes tenth on the list, ranking before snowy stakes like Maine, Iowa, Nebraska and even North and South Dakota! A prime example of why it’s so important to be ready for the inevitable snow.

tips for towing in the snow

3 Tips For Towing in the Snow.

I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan of driving in the winter months. I lived out of state for a while and I did not miss all the snow. (Nothing beats a Michigan summer, though!) I know I should be used to it by now but I’d much rather stay home and wait for the roads to clear. But unless it’s a serious blizzard or polar vortex, schools and businesses stay open and life goes on.

You still need to get to work during the week and to your snowmobile trails on the weekend. We all need to be prepared for the snow. And with the added risk of pulling a trailer, it’s so much more important to be ready for the ice with these tips.

1. Use The Right Tires

When towing in the snow, your tires are the only thing on your vehicle that are in contact with the ice. Good tires are an obvious first priority. And if your truck or SUV loses control, your trailer will follow suit. So if you don’t have the means to place winter tires on both your vehicle and trailer, choose your vehicle first.

In these winter months, the colder air will lower the pressure in your tires. This can be dangerous. So keep an eye on your tires and learn what do in a tire blowout.

Keep in mind that your truck and your trailer require different types of tires. The tires on your truck are designed to accelerate, steer, and have traction on the road. Trailer tires are designed to be pulled and just go along for the ride. You should never used a trailer tire on a car or vise versa.

In addition to having the right tires, take the time to make sure your tow vehicle is ready for snow. Ensure that you have fluids with antifreeze, that your lights and breaks are working properly and that your snowbrush is ready to go.

2. Drive Slow

I know, you’ve heard this before. But it’s so important! Plan ahead and allow yourself plenty of extra time to arrive to your destination. Travel at a slow and manageable pace. Keep a good distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you and give yourself a lot of stopping distance. (So you don’t wind up in a situation like those on I-94)

AAA says that snowy conditions can lengthen your stopping time by up to 10 times.

Keep your turns slow and steady and try to avoid any rapid adjustments. Also, never use cruise control on wet or snowy roads.

3. Use a Brake Control

We highly, highly recommend making the small investment on a quality brake control. Specifically, the Curt Discovery Brake Controller. It’s automatic calibration and sensitivity adjustments make towing so much easier. It decreases your stopping distance which can make a world of difference when towing in the snow. Seriously guys, you won’t be disappointed if you add this accessory to your vehicle. The extra safety it provides is so worth it.

In addition to having a brake control, it’s a good idea to know your brake controller’s override. If you begin to lose control and the trailer starts to slide, the manual override will allow you to hit the trailers brakes straight from your controller.

If you drive smart through most slippery situations, you should be just fine on the roads. Unfortunately, there are moments when a sudden application of the brakes is necessary. In these moments, you may feel your trailer beginning to slide around. Don’t panic. Ease up on the brakes and steer into the slide to regain control.

4. Bonus Tip: Rinse Off The Salt

Sure, this doesn’t have anything to do with safety, but it’s still an important winter maintenance tip! You already know that salt can be damaging to your vehicle if it’s left on too long. It’s a good idea to get your vehicle washed whenever the temperatures are somewhere above the arctic grip of death . The same goes for your trailer. After a trip through the salty, slushy roads, give that baby a good rinse off to keep the salt from corroding it.

Well those are my four best tips for winter hauling. Stay safe on the roads this year! 2020 doesn’t need anymore upsets.


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Tire Blowout: How to React

Did you know that colder temperatures will lower the air pressure in your tires? Low pressure results in more friction between your tires and the road. More friction leads to a greater chance of a tire blowout.

This is what was on my mind this chilly October morning as I was bringing my kids to school. Looking at both the first frost of the year and the tire pressure signal on my dashboard.

What to do in a Tire Blowout

Different than a flat tire, a tire blowout is when your tire explodes, leaving behind dangerous debris and causing a sudden pull to one side.

Each year, blown tires cause more that 78,000 accidents with over 400 of them being fatal. It is imperative that you know how to react in this situation. The proper response to a tire blowout might not be what you expect.

Before we go on, take a look at the video of a driver who did not know what to do when their tire blew.

I’ve gotta say, his reaction is pretty awesome! I can’t imagine being so calm after rolling a car. There are dozens of other videos that result in spinning, rolling and hitting other cars. Some people aren’t as fortunate as the guys in this video.

These videos made me realize how common this is, and even worse, I didn’t know exactly what I should do if this happened to me. Think about it, we see shredded tires all over the highway; it happens all the time. So let’s take a look at some of the common causes of tire blowouts and then the four steps to surviving one.

What Causes A Blown Tire

  • Improper Inflation- This is, without a doubt, the most common cause of tire failure. An under inflated tire creates friction between the rubber and pavement. In this case, it’s only a matter of time until you’re on the shoulder of the highway.
  • Potholes- Hear, hear, o people of Michigan! This is bad news for us. Other than doing your best to avoid them, there is one thing you can do. If you’re in the Grand Rapids area, you can report them by calling 311!
  • Worn Tread- Along with checking your tire pressure every month (when the tires are cold) be sure to check the actual treads. If they are 4/32″ or deeper, you are good to go.

    A quick quarter test can tell you if your tires are still good. As pictured below, stick the quarter upside down into one of the grooves. If the tire comes up to the top of George Washington’s head, you still have at least 4/32″ tread. If it doesn’t touch his head, it’s time for new tires. Be sure to check a few different spots on your tires.

It’s also important to remember not to overload your vehicle or trailer. And while I’m on the subject of trailers, (imagine that) you can read 10 Tactical Tips For Trailer Tires In Grand Rapids to get some new ideas on caring for your tires.

Even if you remember to take perfect care of your tires, the truth is, they can still have a blowout. Especially in Michigan, the weather can change quickly and potholes can be big enough to home a family of raccoons. Some risk factors are out of our control, which is why it is necessary to be prepared for tire failure.

4 Steps To Survive a Tire Blowout

You’ll know instantly if you have a blown tire. There will be a loud popping sound and then a strong pull on the vehicle to one side. Here’s what your immediate next few steps should be:

1. Accelerate

This counterintuitive first step might have been a surprise to you. After all, it goes against the natural urge to hit the brakes and get to the shoulder as soon as possible. When you have a blown tire creating drag, stepping on the accelerator a little harder will not actually speed up your vehicle. But it will stabilize your vehicle in your lane and help you to regain control. 

Do not: Step on the brake.

2. Gently Counter Steer

The goal here is to keep your car perfectly straight here, so don’t over react. When you try turning a vehicle with a failed tire at high speeds, you’ll end up like the guys in the video above. What I mean by counter steering is to gently guide the vehicle straight down your lane. If your vehicle is pulling to the left, carefully push towards the right just enough to keep it from veering.

Do not: Jerk the steering wheel.

3. Slow Down

At this point you should have decent control of your vehicle. Without stepping on the brake, slowly pull your foot off the gas to let your vehicle slow down on it’s own. With the dragging tire, slowing down won’t take long at all. By now, you or a passenger should be able to switch on the hazard lights as well.

Do not: Abruptly take your foot off the gas.

4. Pull Over

When your vehicle has slowed to around 30 MPH, and you feel that it is safe, very slowly guide your vehicle to the shoulder of the highway. There you can bring your car or truck to a complete stop and let out a sigh of relief.

Do not: Pull over too quickly.

We teach our kids to stop, drop and roll if they find their clothes are on fire. We know not to swerve when there’s a deer in the road. It’s better to brake and maybe hit the deer than a tree or another car.

Smothering a fire on yourself, hitting the deer, and driving through a tire blowout are all counterintuitive, but they’re all effective. Keep these 4 steps in mind and run through them in your head when you’re driving.

Just like CPR and first aid skills, I hope you never have to use this information, but knowing it could be life saving someday.

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The Best Enclosed Trailers

We have enclosed trailers that cover a wide range of towing needs. Made from steel or aluminum, in every price range, our cargo trailers are used for all kinds of work and play.

The Best Enclosed Trailers

In this article, I’ll be highlighting three of the best brands for enclosed trailers: Cross, Formula and NEO. Each of which we carry. Every one of these manufacturers offer many different models and upgrade options. Take a look at their websites and give us a call to make a custom order. Or browse through our available trailers to make a purchase today!

Cross Trailers

Cross makes high quality steel framed trailers that can be completely customized to fit your specific needs. From 4ft cargo trailers to tandem axle car haulers, Cross has options for everyone at every price point.

No one says it better than their happy customers:

You can tell that the people who built this trailer really care about quality. Even the small things. This is the third trailer I have ever purchased. Time will tell, but this seems like the best one I have purchased…by a long shot.

Travis – Colorado

I give Cross full recommendation! It is a great trailer. I had one problem with the trailer. Cross stepped up worked with me to get the problem corrected. They took care of the bill and treated me great. I wouldn’t buy any other brand of an enclosed trailer but a Cross!

Lewie – Missouri

Cross Trailers Gallery

One thing that makes Cross Trailers stand out from other brands is the Aegis System they use to create lasting, screwless, weather resistant exteriors. You’ll notice from the pictures above that Cross’ enclosed trailers all have that smooth, professional look. They promise the exterior of your trailer will maintain its quality through years of use and weather changes. Click here to see how it works!

Formula Trailers

Formula is our newest line of enclosed trailers! Grandville Trailer is the only place you can get them in southwest Michigan. We are so impressed with the quality and of these trailers and the professionalism exhibited by the company. They are a great option for hauling work equipment, outdoor gear and recreational vehicles!

Formula has several models, with the three most popular being Traverse, Conquest and Triumph.

Think: good, better, best.

Customers love the fact sheet that is on the inside of every trailer. This brochure lists the model, size and included standard features. It’s a small thing, sure, but it can be so helpful when you’re here comparing options.

The online Trailer Owner Manual is another helpful resource from Formula. It’s available to you anytime you have a quick question about your trailer.

Keep scrolling for a look at these three models of enclosed trailers and to see what we currently have in stock.

Formula Traverse

The most basic model allows you to get some great options without paying for what you don’t need. Standard features include: aluminum frame side door, LED lights, interior dome light, radial tires and even a three year structural warranty.

Take a look at the video below highlighting the Traverse model!

Formula Conquest

Formula’s mid level trailer packs in even more great options without taking the price too high. In addition to the standard features on the traverse, the conquest also has: a 2,000lb rated jack, 24in stone guard, full height cross members, side wall vents, tubular walls and a five year structural warranty.

Watch the video below to see all that’s included!

Formula Triumph

Made for those who need more strength and versatility out of their trailer, the Triumph has the most features. It’s the toughest of the three and is equipped with options like: triple tube tongue, screwless exterior, RV flush lock, water resistant 3/8 high performance walls and more!

Take a look below. These are really nice trailers!

Formula offers a wide range of additional custom features that can be added to any of these models. They have a really great page on their website where you can see pictures of these options right here. The best part about having your trailer custom built is that you are able to get EXACTLY what you want without paying for anything extra. If you have time to wait for a custom order, check out their website and give us a call! Otherwise, click the link below to see what we have in stock right now.

NEO Enclosed Trailers

Neo Trailers are best known as all sport trailers. But don’t be fooled, many local businesses have a NEO for their work trailer. Made from all aluminum, they are more lightweight than their steel equivalent. All NEO trailers are made in Sturgis MI and you’ll find that they are extremely high quality for the price point they are at.

Take a look at this exerpt from a recently written article on the quality and value of NEO Trailers:

Thanks to the high quality craftsmanship, varying custom options and competitive pricing, NEO Trailers has become one of the top selling brands at Grandville Trailer.  NEO’s engineer department is continually creating new standard and optional features. By staying ahead of other manufactures and maintaining the same great prices, NEO continues to supply us with trailers that our customers love.

Click the button below to read more about what makes NEO stand out among their competitors.

NEO Trailers Gallery

NEO’s engineering team is constantly coming up with new ways to strengthen and improve their trailers. The result is stunning trailers with plenty of practical options for our customers. Their website makes it fun and easy to design your trailer and pick out what features you want. Head to the virtual designer, where you can select the model and design the exterior. Then click the green “Create Your Worksheet” button at the bottom to get into the important details.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current enclosed trailer, check out NEO’s line of aluminum cabinets right here.

Don’t have time to wait for a custom NEO trailer? Hit the button below to see what we have available!

So many people rely on quality, enclosed trailers. That’s why we’ve selected only the best brands to carry at our dealership. Our team is always happy to answer your questions and help you find the right fit. Give us a call today at 616-538-2290 or stop by to see what we have in person. We hope to see you soon!

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How To Hook Up A Trailer

If you’re new around here or around towing in general, you might not know how to hook up a trailer. And that’s ok. What might be intuitive for some, can be a source of uncertainty and anxiety for others (guilty).  

All the more reason to be prepared, right? 

In this article, we’ll go over all the steps to getting it done right so that you can confidently move forward to your destination.

Let’s get right to it!

How to hook up a trailer

How To Hook Up A Trailer

First I’d like to note that you can do this by yourself, especially if your vehicle has a backup camera. If not, it’s always easier if you have that second person standing by to help you. So grab a co-worker, spouse, or neighbor and ask them to be your spotter.

1. Match the ball size to the coupler.

Before you do anything, you need to know that the ball and coupler will fit together. The diameter of the ball is almost always stamped on top with the most common size being 2 inches. Likewise, the coupler on the tongue of your trailer will have the required ball sized stamped into it along with the trailer’s towing capacity.

If these two numbers don’t match, STOP. You cannot tow a trailer with a ball that doesn’t fit. Doing so is dangerous, illegal and downright irresponsible.

Before proceeding, you’ll need to head to your nearest auto parts store and get the right sized ball. If you’re located in West Michigan, stop by Grandville Trailer, where our guys will get you taken care of. They are always happy to answer any questions you may have about how to hook up a trailer.

Tow and Stow Ball Mount
Known to be “The last hitch you’ll ever need,” The Tow n Stow adjustable ball mount comes with 3 different sized balls all in one so that you never need buy and change out your hitch for different trailers. Best of all, it folds under your bumper for easy storing! Available at Grandville Trailer.

2. Raise and Unlock the Coupler

Because you will be positioning your vehicle’s ball mount under the trailer hitch, you need to ensure that the trailer’s coupler is high enough for the ball to fit underneath. Also make sure that the lock on the trailer is flipped up in the unlock position.

Need a visual? Check out this great tutorial from Aluma Trailers!
Side note: we are an Aluma Dealer!

3. Back Into Place

Thankfully, most vehicles now have the backup camera on them. If yours doesn’t, this is the part where it’s nice to have a helper. Have then stand next to your trailer hitch and back up slowly until they tell you to stop. You want to stop when your ball is directly under the coupler. Depending on your vehicle, sometimes you can lean out of your window far enough to actually see your hitch lining up.

If you don’t have a camera, spotter or the ability to see your hitch, you’ll have to perform the old stop and check routine until you have the right position.

4. Lower Coupler and Connect

This is when you’ll lower your trailer hitch until it’s secure over the ball. If it’s lined up correctly, you’ll be able to easily put the lock back down.

Once the coupler is locked onto the ball, there are two very important connections that need to be made.

  • The Safety Pin: Never forget the safety pin! This will go right back into the lock on the coupler to keep it from coming undone on the road.
  • Safety Chains: Cross the chains once under the hitch and then connect them to the receiver. This creates a safety net for your trailer hitch in the unlikely event that it does come undone. There needs to be some slack in the chains but not enough to come close to the ground. If your chains are too long, do not wrap them around the hitch. Shorten them to the proper length.
Here’s another look at how to hook up a trailer by Curt Manufacturing. We also carry Curt products at Grandville Trailer!

5. Electrical

Lastly you need to ensure that your trailer’s electrical is hooked up to your tow vehicle. This is not optional, as it is a Michigan law that your trailer have at lease one working taillight. Before you hit the road, test your running lights, brake lights and turn signals to be sure they are working. The same rule of the safety chains applies to your trailer harness. Make sure there is enough slack to make the turns but do not let it drag on the ground. For a quick fix, you can use a zip tie to connect it to the hitch to hold it off the ground.

Is your tow vehicle wired for towing? Give us a call and we can do that for you!

Once everything is properly hooked up, you’re ready to go! Remember to drive a little slower, allow for longer stopping distances and give yourself more room for turns when possible. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and DON’T EXCEED YOUR WEIGHT LIMITS!

Loading Your Trailer

Proper loading is just as important as correctly hooking up your trailer. Weight distribution is key to having a safe drive to your destination. Take a look at this excerpt from an article on the topic:

“A quick YouTube search on improperly loaded trailers can have you cringing and second guessing your ability. With too much tongue weight or negative tongue weight, a trailer is prone to swaying until it loses control. This results in the trailer jackknifing or flipping, sometimes flipping the tow vehicle too.

Too much tongue weight will weigh down the back tires of your vehicle and push your vehicle around, making it harder to steer and brake. On the contrary, when the the load is placed too far back, the tongue weight will be too light. Then the trailer is likely to start swaying on the highway.”

If you have any questions about how to hook up a trailer, give us a call! Our guys are always happy to help. We also have a great selection of trailer parts and accessories, including weight distribution hitches, tongue weight scales and so much more. We hope to see you soon!

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Neo Trailers: Customizable and Affordable

NEO Trailers: Customizable and Affordable

We brought NEO Trailers to West Michigan in 2014. 

And we’re so glad we did. 

Thanks to the high quality craftsmanship, varying custom options and competitive pricing, NEO Trailers has become one of the top selling brands at Grandville Trailer. 

This article will highlight SOME of the standard and optional features available to you when you choose NEO. If you’d like to see the complete list of options, you’re going to want to head to NEO’s virtual designer. At the bottom of that page you can select the model you’re interested in and hit “create your worksheet.” The link for the virtual designer is at the bottom of this page.

**Note: NEO Trailers makes fully enclosed, aluminum cargo trailers. If you’re looking for something else like a dump trailer, equipment trailer, open utility trailer, etc; then take a look at our other inventory! 

Otherwise, stick around to see what makes these trailers stand out from all the rest.

Standard Features on NEO Trailers

NEO’s engineer department is continually creating new standard and optional features. By staying ahead of other manufactures and maintaining the same great prices, NEO continues to supply us with trailers that our customers love.

The NAS is a popular choice. Here is a great walk-around video where you can see some of the standard and optional features. Check NEO’s website for a few more videos like this.

No matter what model you select, NEO trailers are always a great value. But right now, we have nothing older than 2020 which means you’re getting all the latest and greatest standard features.

Here are some of the standard features in 2020 that make these trailers so different from other brands:

Aluminum Construction

Aluminum is a really good material for trailers. Even though it’s not as strong as steel, it’s plenty supportive enough for hauling UTV’s, snowmobiles and show cars. (We typically recommend an open, steel trailer for those hauling heavy landscaping and agricultural equipment.)

Aluminum is lightweight, which means you can spend more of your vehicle’s payload capacity on your actual cargo. It also improves on MPG and DOES NOT RUST.

V-Nose or The New Bull Nose

I’ve seen a lot of debate on whether or not a v-nose trailer is actually more fuel efficient than a flat front trailer. Years ago, NEO conducted their own research and found that a v-nose truly ensued better gas mileage by 20%. Now you’ll find that all models come standard with a v-nose.

One exception is the new Bull Nose Auto Trailer. Giving you the best of both worlds, this new design offers more space in the front while maintaining that aerodynamic slant.

24 Inch Stone Guard

A nice touch added to all the trailers, the stone guard will act as a shield to your trailer from all kinds of rocks, salt and debris.

Bonded Screwless Exterior Skin

This is where NEO’s design team really takes it the extra mile on craftsmanship. I’m always blown away when I see how sleek and classy these trailers look compared to other brands.

Dexter Spring/Torsion Axles

NEO has chosen Dexter to supply them with all their axles. Dexter is a fantastic and reputable company that has been creating trailer and recreational vehicle parts for 60 years. The type of axle depends on the model that you choose. However if the trailer you’d like comes standard with a spring axle you can always choose to upgrade to torsion.

NEO Trailers

NXP Stainless Steel Latch (Select Models)

This easy to use latch comes standard on several models. Those models with the basic latch can always be upgraded with the NXP latch. They promise that the latch won’t rust and is hard to break into.

Exterior Grade Plywood Floor

We like it because it’s durable, weather resistant and moisture proof. It won’t rot it’s made to be outside and driven on.

LED Lights

Any and all lighting on your NEO trailer will be LED. Most of the trailer industry has made the switch to LED lighting because it’s more efficient, causes less pollution, and will outlast any other lighting.

Optional Features on NEO Trailers

I’m amazed by how many ways you can choose to customize your trailer. NEO offers a huge variety of add-ons to give you exactly what you need. Take a look at what they have to say and then read on to see some of the most popular options:

Each trailer model has a variety of options available so you can customize your trailer for your specific needs. Due to variations in dimensions and option placement, some options are not available on certain models so it is important to first determine the model you’re interested in and then click the VIEW/PRINT OPTIONS WORKSHEET to see a customized list of what you can choose for your trailer.” -NEO


If nothing else grabs your attention, you’ve got to take a look at NEO’s line of cabinets. Created in house, these cabinets are made from the same aluminum as the trailers and make a world of difference in your towing experience. Having a place to put your tools, helmets, clothing and other necessities means that you can stay organized at your campsite or job site.

If you’re not actually in the market for a new trailer just yet, you can order JUST the cabinets and install them in your existing trailer. Click on the link above to browse cabinets and let us know if you’d like or order some!

Spring Assist Ramp Door & ProFlap

The ProFlap was designed by the Engineers at NEO and is a popular option for a ramp door. You can see in the picture that there is no piano hinge on the ramp. This creates a clear, smooth path for loading and unloading. It especially makes a difference when transporting snowmobiles.

Exterior Color and Design

Everything that NEO makes is finished beautifully, but there’s always the option to choose your own color(s) and design. Whether it’s for your business or if you’d just like to match your truck, they’ve got the options to get you the look you want.

Front Ramp Door

A front ramp door in addition to the rear ramp door provides much more versatility and ease of use. If you’re hauling one or more recreational vehicles, you may want to check out this option.

NEO Trailers

Additional Doors

Adding a 14″x14″ fuel door means that you can fill up your sleds inside your trailer when you’re stopped filling up your truck. Or add a 30″x24″ generator door for more adventuring options or work possibilities.


There are quite a bit of options here for interior and exterior. Loading lights, additional break lights, flood lights and cabinent lighting are all popular options. NEO uses only LED lights which burn efficiently and last a long time.

Electric Add-Ons

Again, NEO offers a lot of really cool custom options here. Add an AC unit and stereo receiver with Bluetooth if you plan to sleep in your trailer overnight for ultimate adventuring.

Interior Wall and Ceiling Options

Give the interior of your trailer a more finished look with aluminum or vinyl siding and some trim. Choose from white, black, green and more.

NEO Trailers

Exterior Features

NEO’s options here are extensive and unique. Some of the most popular features that get chosen are ladder racks, Pro Stabilizer jacks, higher stone guards, awnings and windows.

Interior Features

You can customize your trailer with things like D-rings, kick plate, E Track and even insulation. This is where you can decide on exactly what you need without paying for what you don’t want.

Virtual Designer

At the beginning, I mentioned the new virtual designer on NEO’s website. It’s a great chance to see what your trailer can look like before you even order it. Simply choose the model you’d like, color(s), and design. Then pull up the Trailer Order Worksheet and select the custom options that you want.

I’d encourage you to browse their website too. They have a lot of excellent pictures and videos that can help you in deciding what’s right for you.

As always, please call us at 616-538-2290 or email if you have any questions or when you’re ready to place your order. We’re here to help!

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The Tongue Weight Scale That Saves Lives

Towing can be dangerous and even fatal when it’s not done right. By using a good tongue weight scale, you can safely and confidentially move forward with peace of mind

The Problem:

A lot of people don’t know how to properly hook up and load a trailer. Some will settle for only one safety chain or no chains at all. Some will even forget the safety pin when in a hurry. (I know- I was shocked too, but it definitely happens.)

But honestly, even the most experienced drivers might not load the trailer correctly when distracted or rushed. We all have those days, it happens to everyone.

Sometimes the results can be deadly.

Negative tongue weight, tongue weight scale

A quick YouTube search on improperly loaded trailers can have you cringing and second guessing your ability. With too much tongue weight or negative tongue weight, a trailer is prone to swaying until it loses control. This results in the trailer jackknifing or flipping, sometimes flipping the tow vehicle too.

I watched dozens of these accidents and heard stories from a few drivers that were unfortunate enough to lose control. One of the most common causes was too much tongue weight or too little tongue weight. When they were loading they were rushed, didn’t have to go too far, or just didn’t realize it would matter.

Weight Distribution

Too much tongue weight will weigh down the back tires of your vehicle and push your vehicle around, making it harder to steer and brake. On the contrary, when the the load is placed too far back, the tongue weight will be too light. Then the trailer is likely to start swaying on the highway, as seen in the video above.

The thing is, and please hear me on this:

Sometimes it’s just a few inches that makes all the difference. Sometimes it’s hard to even see that it’s off.

Don’t be this guy with too much tongue weight.
Or this guy with too little tongue weight.
Because you might end up with your life at risk like this guy.

The pictures above remind me of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. The first trailer had too much tongue weight. The second trailer had too little tongue weight. But with Weigh Safe it was juuuuuuuust right.

Seriously though, these accidents are scary and often fatal to the driver, passengers and nearby cars. They are also preventable.

Here’s another video for all you visual learners (you’re my people.) Quick side note: this video is from Aluma Trailers, one of our aluminum trailer suppliers.

The Solution: Weigh Safe’s Tongue Weight Scale

It’s a hitch that has a scale built right in to tell you if you have too much or too little tongue weight. It takes all the guess work out of loading and ensures that your cargo is safely distributed. I love that it’s all one product and there’s no need for a separate scale!

Weigh Safe has a lot of cool products and I’d encourage you to check them out here. Today I’m going to highlight the most popular option, the Drop Hitch. Already have one? Check out some of our other popular products right here.

Otherwise, read this excerpt from Weigh Safe to see how it works:

Weigh Safe Drop Hitch

weigh safe drop hitch with two ball sizes

“The Weigh Safe Drop Hitch is the one and only trailer hitch with a built-in scale that signals you to adjust your load before you hit the road, resulting in a much safer and enjoyable towing experience. Before this ball mount, gauging your trailer’s tongue weight was a hassle. You had to rely on inefficient bathroom scales, make a trip to the weigh station, or purchase a separate tongue weight scale. But with the Weigh Safe’s built-in scale, measuring your tongue weight is as easy as coupling your trailer to your ball mount.

Simply hook-up your trailer to the Weigh Safe ball mount just as you would any other ball mount. The weight of your trailer will push down on the hitch ball, which in turn pushes down on an internal hydraulic piston that sits on a bed of oil. When the piston drops into the oil, the pressure reading is sent out to the scale.” -Weigh Safe

Weigh Safe Drop Hitch with tongue weight scale

Drop Hitch Features

I tell ya, it is so nice to have complete confidence that everything is loaded in the right spot. Every. Single. Time. This tongue weight scale is truly a game changer.

It saves time and saves lives.

We love the drop hitch for this amazing safety feature, but also the versatility it offers! The Weigh Safe drop hitch comes with two different sized balls and an adjustable height. This allows you to safely haul multiple sized trailers and it gives you the ability to match the height and ball every time.

Weigh Safe Drop Hitch with tongue weight scale

This hitch is made from billet aluminum and it will be the last hitch you ever need to buy. It has all the strength you need and is weather resistant. You can opt to buy it with a shaft size of 2″, 2.5″ or 3.”

Made In America

Weigh Safe is an American company and all their products are made in the USA. Their hitches are well known and we are happy to carry them and and recommend them to our customers.

I can’t recommend this hitch enough! Click the button below to see more product details. You’ll find several informational videos, reviews and more specifics. Let us know if you have any questions! We carry these at our store and we are here to help!

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Best Utility Trailer Brands

The Best Utility Trailer Brands

Many of the people in our community rely on a utility trailer for work, hobbies, home projects and play. So we do our best to have the greatest, and most diverse selection with varied prices. There’s something for everyone. Our options of utility trailer brands range from $1,195 to over $5,000.

They are made from aluminum, steel, wood, and even polymer. You’ll find single and tandem axles, some with no sides, and all the way up to 24″ sides. These trailers are used for construction equipment, landscaping, moving, and hauling away debris and yard waste. They are used by home DIYers, weekend travelers and hardworking contractors.

Our selection of utility trailers support a wide variety of needs and lifestyles. We’re here to bring you the most affordable models that will last for years. So take a look at the brands we carry- the brands that we believe are the best when it comes to utility trailers.

Our Favorite Utility Trailer Brands

Diamond C

Diamond C has become well known in Michigan because of their strong and high quality trailers. This is one of our customers favorite utility trailer brands. Check out this recent article that covers the 5 basic models of Diamond C trailers, including utility trailers: Diamond C Trailers: Quality That’s Affordable.

Diamond C offers the most variety in size and price when it comes to utility trailers. Our smallest is a 5×8 and they range all the way up to 8×18. These steel framed trailers are exceptional in strength and quality.

FLOE CargoMax

The FLOE Cargo Max is one of the best designed utility trailer brands on the market! The 5×8 weighs only 290lbs but can carry up to 2,200lbs. The polymer bed is extremely resistant to any kind of impact and the lightweight aluminum frame won’t ever rust.

The various sizes offer a wide range of possibilities for this trailer. You’ll love the versatility and the ease of use with the FLOE CargoMax!

Read more about this utility trailer brand here.

Aluma Trailers

Aluma makes trailers that will last for years to come. We love them because aluminum does not rust and weighs much less than steel. If you just need a trailer to haul smaller equipment for your business or hobbies, Aluma might be the perfect fit for you.

Read more on Aluma Trailers here and then check out the many models we have to choose from! We try to keep a large variety on the lot, but there’s even more options on their website. We are always able to special order something that we don’t have in stock and get you exactly what you want.

Sport Haven

Sport Haven utility trailers start with an aluminum frame, wood deck and ramp gates. We have various sizes ranging from 5×8 to 7×16 with single and tandem axles.

For a tougher option, choose one with a steel frame that’s covered in aluminum. You’ll have all the strength of a steel trailer with the long lasting, rust free perks of aluminum. Many come with a bi-fold gate that will improve the ease of loading and unloading while cutting back on wind resistance while towing.

These well designed trailers are a fantastic option for someone looking to spend $1,795- $4,400. You can get one tailored to your own needs because they offer many different options.

We try to keep a diverse lineup of utility trailers from Sport Haven, FLOE CargoMax, Diamond C and Aluma. These are the best utility trailer brands because of the high quality and competitive pricing. If we don’t have the trailer you want in stock, click on the links in the list above to browse through these manufacturers products. Give us a call if you see something you like and we can order it for you!

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Fighting Childhood Hunger in Michigan: How You Can Help

Edit: with the school closings this year, Hand2Hand is joining the efforts of schools and food pantries to keep our children fed every day. And they could use your help. Click the link below to see what food donations they’re asking for and drop them off at the storehouse in Hudsonville. Your donations will make a wonderful, lasting impact in the lives of children in our community!

Want to help while really committing to social distancing? A monetary donation is another great way feed these precious kids! Hand2Hand’s volunteers will use that money to buy and pack the supplies themselves. Click the link below to give a gift that will provide food and security to kids in need!

Donate Food
Donate Money

Hand2Hand has grown tremendously since this was written four years ago! Here’s the annual report from 2019:


Twenty percent of children in the United States don’t have enough food to eat. 

1 out of every 5 children.

These kids live on your street, or just around the corner. You drive by them on your way to work. They are in your child’s class at school. Often, they don’t know where their next meal will come from. They are hungry, worried and silent, but that doesn’t mean no one is listening.

In an effort to narrow these jaw dropping numbers, many organizations have joined the fight to help end hunger in the United States.

Nationwide, all of these organizations combined are helping over 20 million children receive either a free or discounted lunch during the school week. While the assistance that these kids receive during the week is certainly a huge blessing, it still raises a big question.

Where do those same kids get proper nourishment on the weekend?  h2h_logo_2013-294x300

This is where Hand2Hand steps in.  Hand2Hand is a local organization here in Jenison, Michigan (just a hop, skip and a jump from Grandville Trailer) that was founded in 2008 by a woman named Cheri Honderd.

Cheri Honderd, Founder and Executive Director

Cheri Honderd, Hand2Hand Founder and Executive Director

During her childhood, Cheri’s parents struggled to find employment. She can relate to the children in her community who don’t always know where their next meal is coming from. Her growing awareness of children going hungry caused her to take action.

Cheri’s passion, dedication and the growing team of  volunteers make the Hand2Hand vision a reality!

Hand2Hand’s mission is “to deliver hope to hungry children by mobilizing schools and churches to provide nutritious food over the weekends”.

The Hand2Hand organization not only bridges the gap of weekend hunger, they also show these kiddos that they are cared for, and that there can be a “constant” in their life.

Recently, Grandville Trailer had the opportunity to partner with Hand2Hand, in helping them fulfill their dream of having a “Hope on the Move” trailer.

The brilliant idea behind their “Hope on the Move” trailer is to bring the donation center to you, and make donating even more accessible.  Their hope is that different groups will host the trailer in their neighborhood or at their workplace.  The trailer would then become a 1 to 2 day mobile “drop off” location for anyone willing to donate food to the Hand2Hand ministry.

We were so excited to have the oppourtunity to play a small part in this growing organization. We are inspired by their work and thankful for the love they extend to the children in our community.
new hand 2 hand

What started as an idea in 2008, with 19 children being well nourished over the weekend, has grown to 3692 children, and a partnership with 85 Michigan schools and 59 Churches.

In 2016 Hand2Hand is on track to partner with 12 more schools and 9 more churches, and with the help of the Lord, faithful volunteers with servant hearts, and loads of donations, hopefully their impact can spread even farther than West Michigan.

At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin’ for ya!
-Meagan Wiersma

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Diamond C Trailers: Quality That’s Affordable

Diamond C Trailers

Diamond C Trailers are manufactured in Texas by a Family owned and operated business. We chose to bring them to Michigan five years ago because we were impressed with their quality and workmanship. We think you’ll like them too. That’s why we continue to stock them and add more models to our inventory.

An Overview of Diamond C Trailers

With over 40 models, Diamond C continues to create top quality trailers for affordable prices. We love selling them and our customers love buying them. Ranging from small utility trailers to full size car haulers, these are all steel, open, flat bed trailers. You’ll find that each one is thoughtfully designed and expertly manufactured to be more durable and functional than ever before.

Simply put: Diamond C Trailers are strong, functional, affordable, and good-looking. Basically the super models of open trailers.

Let’s take a quick look into the five basic models of Diamond C Trailers. From there you can see what similar models we have in stock and what we can special order for you from the Lone Star State.

1. Utility Trailers

Diamond C Utility Trailer

These basic, versatile utility trailers start out at only $1,395. With so many options and sizes to choose from, you’ll love all the use you can get out of this multipurpose trailer.

But take a look at the ten other models along with this one. You’ll find heavy duty trailers, landscape trailers, high sided options and several kinds of ramp gates.

In Stock Diamond C Utility Trailers
More Single Axle Models
More Tandem Axle Models

2. Dump TrailersDiamond C Dump Trailer

As I’m writing this, dump trailers are leaving the lot left and right. With spring coming, people must be getting ready for a new season of work. Whether you need a small one to #dowork at home or a commercial grade trailer for your business, Diamond C has something for you.

There are many optional features to customize your trailer to fit your needs. One of the newer features we started carrying is the Telescopic lift. Check it out in the video below- it’s pretty cool!

In Stock Diamond C Dump Trailers
More Models

3. Car Haulers

Diamond C Car Hauler

“Are you a commercial auto transporter, weekend drag racer, or classic car collector in need of a car hauler? Diamond C’s versatile lineup of auto and flatbed car trailers are ideal for transport trailer applications, with solutions ranging from the basics to unique show-car builds. Customizable options include steel or wood floor, electric/hydraulic powered tilt, recessed tie downs, rock shields, aluminum trim packages, gooseneck packages, custom paint jobs, and much more.” -Diamond C

In Stock Car Haulers
More Models

4. Equipment Trailers

Diamond C Equipment Trailer

All of Diamond C’s equipment trailers are built to work hard and designed to keep up with your work schedule.  The wide variety of models are perfectly crafted to give you all the support you need for your equipment.

The equipment trailers range from general duty to extreme duty and come with tilt beds, dove tails or ramps. All (except the Single Axle Hydraulically Dampened Tilt Equipment Trailer– say that five times fast) come with tandem axles and the standard steel frame.

In Stock Equipment Trailers
More Models

5. Gooseneck Trailers

Diamond C Gooseneck Trailer

“We design, engineer, and optimize our own U.S. Patent Protected I-Beams to fit each Fleetneck model. Fleetnecks are stronger yet lighter, featuring the best strength-to-weight ratios of any steel frame gooseneck trailer on the road. Highlighted options include our industry best 12′ Hydraulic Dovetail, 44″ Wide Max Ramps, up to 44′ length, Air Ride Suspension, and Sway Control.” -Diamond C

While we don’t keep gooseneck trailers in stock (if only our lot was bigger!) we can definitely special order any model for our customers, so check em out!

Browse Gooseneck Trailers

>>> <<<

Also, take a look at Diamond C’s Pintle Hitch Trailers and Step Deck Trailers and let us know if you have any questions.

These trailers really are extremely high quality and so affordable. It’s been a joy working with Diamond C for the past five years and we feel good about promoting and selling their trailers. Take a look at our full Diamond C inventory and shoot us a message or give us a call if there’s anything we can help you with!

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