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5 Irresistible Features on the CJ Heavy Hauler Dump Trailer

Hello everyone! This post is coming to you as we journey from Nebraska to Michigan. It’s always good to visit the homeland and see friends and family. Not to mention swinging by the store to visit and get some new pictures. It’s going to be a quick trip packed with many great memories. I mean, it’s not every day that your brother gets married, right?

I’ll save the wedding talk for another time. Today I really wanted to write about dump trailers. That’s right. I know dump trailers are typically built for messy jobs, but this particular trailer does the job in style. It is filled with many great features and is, might I say, a tad irresistible. Here’s my latest video highlighting the CJ Heavy Hauler: Stock #140004.

As you can see, it’s a pretty serious trailer as far as dump trailers go. There is much more to talk about than what can fit into a short video. This trailer has some features that weren’t even displayed in the video. So I would like to elaborate on 5 aspects of this trailer.

5 Irresistible Features on The CJ Heavy Hauler Dump Trailer

1. Breakaway Kit With Charger

The breakaway kit is great because it gives the trailer an extra measure of safety. It’s battery powered and automatic. In the unfortunate situation of having a trailer break off of the tow vehicle, the breakaway kit will activate a switch that sends power to the trailer’s brakes. This slows down the trailer as soon as possible rather than letting it fly off into the ditch. Because this device runs on battery, it also comes with a charger to keep it going strong.

2. Split Spreader Gate

A gate like this is pretty much necessary for a dump trailer. It opens in two ways. The doors swing open like a typical swing door trailer. The doors also lift up from the bottom to allow dirt or gravel to be spread out in it’s destination.

3. Slide in Ramps

This trailer is designed to serve other purposes as well. The ramps provide the option of hauling work equipment or even toys for when the job is done. The bed is also equipped with 4 D-rings to help tie down anything your hauling.

4. Power Up/ Power Down Hydraulic Pump

This is great because it allows you to stay in control of your trailer as you dump and spread heavy loads. The power down hydraulics keeps the bed moving smoothly until it has returned to its starting point. Another handy feature of this pump is the 20′ control cable. This gives you the freedom to supervise your trailer right next to it or from a distance. You can even manage the trailer from the inside of your truck.

5. Locking Toolbox With Divider

No doubt this will come in handy. You can keep all your extra work gear and tools with your trailer in a big solid steel box with a lock on it. The toolbox stays down while the trailer tips up to dump.

There’s no doubt that this dump trailer was designed for those who are serious about dumping. But if those 5 features weren’t enough, here’s 5 more:

  • Tandem 3″ Cylinders with 2″ Shafts
  • 7k Square Drop Leg  Shaft
  • LED Lights with Sealed Wire Harness
  • On Board 110v Batter Charger
  • Spare Tire Mount

If you are on the hunt for a great dump trailer, I hope this one tops your list of possibilities. We would love to have you stop in and check it out and ask all your questions. The guys are always working towards being helpful and informative without pushing someone to buy a trailer. They would never want you to buy something you don’t need and I think they do a great job! I am a little biased, but our reviews can back me up. If you would like more information on this dump trailer, you can see the full listing here.

But wait, there’s more! 1_34183_1340842_23239048

So maybe our guys won’t be sales-y, but I might be once in a while. It’s just because the more I learn about trailers, the more I appreciate them! Anyways, if this trailer isn’t big enough for you, we have another! It’s pretty much the exact same trailer but a little bigger. This is a 14′ Dump Trailer with just a few upgrades. It’s all about heavy duty and completing big jobs. I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either of these CJ Trailers. You can see this 14′ Dump Trailer and all its information here.

Well I think that’s enough talk about dump trailers for today. I’m going to close up shop as were are getting close to our destination. If you see Greg around anytime soon at Grandville Trailer, make sure to give him a big Congratulations! He will be getting hitched tomorrow! (See what I did there?)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we hope to see you soon!

At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin’ for ya!

This post was brought to you by Ally Mollenkamp


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