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traveling mapA while back Grandville Trailer was contacted by a gentleman, Fred, who lives in upstate New York. Why might a man living in upstate New York be contacting a West Michigan trailer dealership you ask? You guessed it, he was in need of a trailer. Not just any trailer, though. He was specifically looking for an enclosed trailer that would soon be towing his precious cargo across the United States. Let us explain this nifty story.

deuce 2 fan gone plus no lightsFred found his 1932 Roadster, named Deuce, out in California from a man that had recently built the car from the ground up.  With the 1960’s muscle car in mind, Fred’s Roadster is powered by a 327 cubic inch engine mated to a GM Turbo 350 automatic transmission and finished off with a 8″ Ford differential. Topping off this masterpiece is a full leather interior and trunk area as well, clearly no detail was spared. The only dilemma in this match made in heaven, was how to get this new beauty from the west coast to the east coast.









IMG_1850This is where we come into the story.  Fred found himself a Haulmark enclosed trailer that he liked and knew would suit his needs in transporting Deuce from point A to point B.  He contacted us with his request and we were able to get him in touch with our Haulmark friends down in Bristol, Indiana. We were able to arrange for Fred to travel from his upstate New York home over to Haulmark in Bristol, Indiana, grab his new trailer and continue on the road to Reno, Nevada, where Deuce was eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Fred says that Deuce traveled extremely well  from Reno back to New York and even though the Roadster isn’t suitable for the snowy New York winters, he looks forward to sitting in his garage and admiring it when he isn’t out driving it around.  As for Grandville Trailer, we couldn’t have been more thrilled to help Fred achieve this dream of his and to have had the opportunity to play a role in this truly unique story.


At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin’ for ya

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