Introducing Diamond C Trailers In Grand Rapids: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Hello and happy Fall! It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a blog post and we have some catching up to do.

I’m coming back with a bang to introduce to you a new line of trailers that we are carrying! We’re always trying to provide the best products and service for our awesome customers. After getting to know this new manufacturer, we decided that the quality and affordability they offer would make a great addition to Grandville Trailer! That is why we are now supplying Diamond C Trailers in Grand Rapids!

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Diamond C Trailers are manufactured in Texas by a Family owned and operated business. We chose to bring them to Michigan because we’ve been impressed with their quality and workmanship. We think you’ll like them too. That’s why we’re starting off with 17 of their most popular trailers. These utility trailers are designed to carry your ATVs, dirt bikes, lawn mower or any other work equipment or toys. They’re meant to haul big things on bumpy terrain while still towing smoothly behind your truck.

We are carrying several models but today I’ll focus on the 2PSA Single Axle trailers. It’s easily their most popular trailer and the one we think may be most practical for our customers. This model comes in several different sizes and it has some features you’re going to love. But before I say anything else, here’s a look at the 2PSA:

Looks great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately we won’t be selling ours with ATVs on top of them. Sorry. The video says that it “tows like a dream” and it certainly looks like it. We thought the bi-fold gate and tie downs were great additions as well.

We’re currently very excited and a little busy making room on our lot because our first load is on the way! Our new line of trailers are making the trek from Texas to Michigan and will be arriving at our dealership on Thursday.unnamed (1)

Now that’s one big load of trailers and quite the delivery job. We’re glad to be on the receiving end and we hope these trailers will be the right fit for many of our customers! You can see all our trailers, including these new ones right here. We have several exceptional models but I’d like to go back to the one in the video and go over some of those great features.


Bi-Fold Ramp Gate1_34183_1812871_38401650

Easily one of the best features on the trailer, the bi-fold ramp is easy to use, safe and very practical. It’s made for loading big things that go, but it’s also very accommodating for work equipment and miscellaneous cargo.

1_34183_1812871_384016524 Tie Downs

You know those big things that go that we just talked about? Diamond C puts tie downs on the trailers to hold them in place. Get your belongings loaded easily and secured safely so that you can drive worry free. There’s no worse feeling than hoping you get there without losing something valuable.

LED Lights1_34183_1812871_38401650

LED lights have become very popular in the trailer industry. They last MUCH longer, can whether extremely low temperatures and they don’t cause the amount of pollution that standard bulbs do. Plus, everyone loves shiny upgrades.

1_34183_1812871_38401643Gravel Guard

Diamond C knows that the trailers they make are going to be towed through rocks and mud and all sorts of bumpy things. That’s why they chose to add on the gravel guard to protect the fenders and help these trailers to maintain their resale value.

The 2PSA has a steel frame with treated wood flooring. It comes with a 2,000lb flip jack with a sand foot. They also have the option to add a spare tire mount- always a good idea. We’re looking forward to supplying these Diamond C Trailers in Grand Rapids and believe they will be a great fit for our customers.



If you’re thinking this trailer might be for you, here is some additional information about exactly what we will be stocking. We will have this trailer in four different sizes:

Take a look around and tell us what you think of this trailer. Once again, here is our complete stock of trailers. There are several other great models as well! We’re looking forward to working with our new manufacturer and seeing what our customers think of these products. Here are a few more:

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At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin’ for ya!

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