A Labor of Love: Part 7

For everyone who has been following along with this story. For anyone who has known Dave for any period of time. For anyone just joining us now, I have wonderful news for you today:

The car is finished.

Hallelujah and thank you, Jesus! Dave has finished this insanely long project and she is absolutely beautiful.  He is still fine tuning the car and working out a few kinks, but as of right now, he has put over 400 miles on it. And now we are playing catch up to give this car the full, proper story that it deserves. This is part seven out of eight parts. If you’d like you can catch up on the first six parts, or at least browse through the pictures.

Part 1: Acquisition
Part 2: Dis-assembly
Part 3: Media Blasting
Part 4: Sheet Metal and Bodywork
Part 5: Paint
Part 6: Interior

Mustang Restoration Part 7: Final Assembly

After Dave finished adding the sweet details to the interior, he went on to put the car all back together. First he had to make sure that the body panels all lined up, which took him a long time. After a lot of adjustments, he put them back on along with the bumpers.  He installed the windshield and rear glass as well as the glass windows in the doors.


He also did the electrical work and made sure everything was hooked up properly. This included headlights, tail lights and back up lights and thankfully they went together fairly easy. He had the engine rebuilt at CD’s Engine Service where the guys did  great job. He opted to install an electronic fuel injection instead of a carburetor. The EFI’s computer was all plug-n-play which was pretty simple.


The front of the engine took a lot of adjusting. Dave went through two different alternator brackets, three sizes of alternator belts and three different radiator fan spacers.
assembly7He did some serious upgrades underneath the car as well. He installed an automatic overdrive transmission along with long tube headers and a MangaFlow exhaust. The headers took some bending and tweaking in order to fit just just. The work was well worth it, though, the car sounds awesome!


To polish off the car he wet sanded the exterior and buffed it out. Everything about this Mustang is amazing. It has been turning heads, widening eyes and dropping jaws for about a month now.



Well there she is! I told you she was beautiful! We are so excited to wrap up this story in the next couple months. Our final post will be Part 8: Test Drive. It will include videos, more pictures and details of all the fine tuning that Dave has done over the summer. Thank you for following along with this story! Dave and Andrea are so excited to be driving their new car and we love having it parked outside of Grandville Trailer from time to time. Come and see us soon and share this post for your car-fanatic friends!

At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin for ya!

-This post was brought to you by Ally Mollenkamp.