5 Steps to Repacking Your Trailer Bearings

It’s really important to repack your trailer bearings on a regular basis. Why is it important? I’m so glad you asked.

The wheel bearings need to stay well lubricated to work properly while bearing the weight of your trailer. Unfortunately, over time the grease breaks down, especially if water works its way inside the bearings. Hence the importance of repacking the bearings with grease on a regular basis. It is recommended to do so every year or 10,000 miles. We are more than happy to do this for you at our shop; we take pride in providing some of the best trailer service in Grand Rapids. However I’d like to tell you DIYers  how you can do this yourself at home.

Before you begin, you will want to have all your Materials out and ready to go. Here is a complete list of everything you might want to use.

Materials Neededwheel-bearings
-Needle-nose pliers
-2 Jack stands
-Large flat head screwdriver
-Large adjustable wrench
-Wrench for lug nuts
-New cotter pin
-Bearing grease
-Gloves, clean rags and small pan

Some of these things can be substituted with a different tool, however having all these things on hand will help you do get the job done in a quick and somewhat* clean manor. Once you have these things it’s time to get in and get your hands dirty!12StepsBearing

5 Steps to Repacking your Trailer Bearings

Step 1: Removal
With the axle raised on a jack, remove the wheel and then the dustcap. The flat head screwdriver will work to take off the dustcap. Next, remove the cotter pin by unbending it and pulling it our with your needle nose pliers.  And finally remove the rear bearing.

Step 2: Cleaning 
Now it is time to take the seal out of the bearing. There are several ways to do this but we recommend simply prying it out with your flat head screw driver. Once that is out, you can remove the inner bearing as well. Use solvent to clean all the old grease off of the bearings, races, seal and hub surfaces. It’s important that you clean all parts thoroughly!

Step 3: Repacking
Once everything is out and clean, you can do the actual repacking. Do this by putting a glob of fresh grease on your palm and begin working it into the bearing. Make sure that it is fully packed and no gaps remain. It’s also ideal to add another layer of grease around the rollers, on the bearing race surfaces on the hub and the bearing’s faces. Basically, anywhere you can put new grease; do it. Grease= good.

Step 4: Replacing
Once you’re done playing in the grease, tap in a new seal, ensuring that is is even and snug.

Step 5: Assembly
Really, the only thing left is to just put it all back together. Place the drum back on the axle (maybe add yet another glob of grease to it’s face). After the careful placement of the thrust washer and spindle nut, the drum should easily spin on the axle. Insert the new cotter pin and cover with the dustcap. After putting the wheel back in place, you’re done! Well… with that one wheel, anyways.

016 (1)Here is an additional list of tips to help you get the job done perfectly.
-If your trailer has been in storage for some time, it still needs this service done. Grease will break down on a parked trailer, too.
-Don’t torque the spindle nut when you are re-assembling. It will crush the bearings. Just make sure it is snug.
-Always replace the cotter pin.
-And just in case you happen to be “that guy” stranded on the highway, we think it’s a good idea to carry an extra set of seals and bearings, all which you can find in our store.


Trailer Service in Grand Rapids- Grandville Trailer is Here to Help

This simple task should take you about an hour to complete and is something that most people can do on their own at home. However if you are looking for this trailer service in Grand Rapids, head on over to Grandville Trailer, where we do it often. If you just can’t find the time or space to do it yourself, or if you need to bring your trailer in for another reason anyways, we are more than happy to do this for you!

Do you have an extra set of seals and bearings stored in your truck or trailer? If you don’t, you might consider swinging by and grabbing some. If you want to tackle this project at home, we are more than happy to answer any questions you have while you are here!

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A Snowmobile Trailer at it’s Finest: Neo NAS All Sport

The air is getting crisp and cool. The leaves are changing and falling to the ground. You find yourself dressing warmer and craving warm beverages. Many of you are just happy to be enjoying fall. But some of us know that the colder weather means one thing: Snowmobile season is almost here!

We were lucky enough to grow up in a house with Dave. His passion for snowmobiling provided many thrill rides in the fresh powder and learning to drive them ourselves. He has taken several long trips through Michigan on his snowmobiles- I’m sure he’d love to tell you about them next time you’re at GT. Being a snowmobile rider himself, he knows a good snowmobile trailer when he sees one. He was pretty excited to be getting this one at the store and rightfully so! Take a look for yourself.

Neo NAS All Sport

Being over 24 feet in length, this snowmobile trailer is able to hold 3 sleds and all your gear. Not to mention all your other toys throughout the rest of the year. Like all NEO trailers, it is made with aluminum and comes with LED lights. Aluminum is the perfect material because it is lightweight and doesn’t rust. LED lights are a must because they can withstand extreme temperatures, last a REALLY long time, and hey- they’re good for the environment too. The drop leg tongue jack is easy to use and the flush lock curbside door allows a third and easy entrance.showimagerv

This snowmobile trailer is incredibly designed and one of the best looking products on the market. And the best part? Like all NEO trailers, it is very affordable. We are convinced that this is the best choice for any snowmobile owner. If you want to know more, you can see this trailer listing on our website right here. (Along with the rest of our snowmobile trailers.)

We’re all looking forward to the first accumulation of snow to bust out the winter toys. But for the time being, enjoy the last bit of fall! There is nothing quite like fall in Michigan.
Are any of you planning a winter snowmobiling trip?

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A Labor Of Love: Part 1

Mustang Restoration Part 1: Acquisition

It was 1985. They were in college and it didn’t take them long to fall in love. She needed a car and he found one for her. And she drove it throughout college, mostly on the weekends to go back home.

Scanned Document

(I’m not even going to comment on the shorts)

Scanned Document(In the background, you’ll notice Dave’s ’67 Mustang Coupe)

But the car wasn’t ideal. The engine ticked and knocked and overheated all the time. The manual drum brakes had a mind of their own. The car tended to swerve when she pressed on the brakes but she kept driving it anyways. Soon they were married and trying to make ends meet. So they sold the car to her dad, and he parked it in his barn. And for 16 years, there it sat, that 1967 Mustang.

It was 2003 and Dave and Andrea Tosh had an itch to get that old car back out. She dreamed of driving a restored mustang and the project sounded like a fun challenge to him. He asked her dad if he could buy it back. Her dad insisted that they just take it, he felt bad for letting it sit there for all of those years. So Dave hauled it back home!

Mustang Restoration 006

But before he could begin the project, he needed the space. So he did what any logical man would do and built a barn in the backyard! A barn that has held many cars, trucks, snowmobiles, go-carts, quads, and hunting trophies over the years. It has served him well!  Once the barn was up, he was ready to begin the long and dedicated process of restoring his honey’s dream car.

Mustang Restoration 008 Mustang Restoration 009

This project has been underway for over 10 years now and is scheduled to be finished in the spring. Dave has really enjoyed the time he has spent on it and they are getting anxious to see the finished product! So stay tuned! Next month we will bring you Part 2: Dis-assembly.

And as always…

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The Team Behind the Trailers

Happy Friday everyone! Today I want to take a minute to tell you about all the wonderful people that work at this wonderful dealership. They make Grandville Trailer a great place to do work and business. It’s not all about the trailers… It’s about the people!


IMG_4743Let’s start with the owner, Dave. I probably don’t need to talk about him because you probably already know him. Everyone in west Michigan seems to know Dave Tosh. He’s fun, kind, generous and everybody’s friend. Before he stepped into the exciting world of trailers, he had a counter top business called Tosh’s Tops. After giving everyone in Grand Rapids new and beautiful counters, he decided it was time to sell everyone in Grand Rapids a trailer! Dave runs a fair and honest business. He genuinely loves his job and seeks to do right by his customers and employees. On his few days off, he hunts, travels to Omaha to visit family, and works on his Mustang restoration. (More on that later)

Service Department

One of the things that makes Grandville Trailer stand out is our excellent service department. Our mechanics work hard to keep customer’s trailers working perfectly. Among other things, they repack bearings, install hitches, and repair damaged trailers.016 (1)

Joe is our head mechanic and has been at Grandville Trailer longer than anyone else. He works hard and does his job very well. His love for repairing things has lead him to several auctions where he has purchased different machinery items in need of repair. A gear head with a green thumb, he also has a passion for gardening. We hope that Joe will continue to stick around for a long time!

IMG_4747Cody is a very gifted mechanic and we are thankful to have him working with us! His days are long and busy, though. Not only does he work for us full time, he is also in school for Criminal Justice. We will miss him when he’s done here, but he will make a great police officer! When he is away from work and school, he is a true outdoorsman. He loves golfing, fishing, hunting and even Tough Mudder competitions. Props to you, Cody!


We strive to have the best selection of trailers possible and we want to make sure we have all the right parts in our store. We have an awesome team of guys that work together to make sure our customers get all their questions answered. We don’t want to sell trailers for the sake of selling trailers. We genuinely want our customers to walk away happy, informed and satisfied with their experience.013 (1)

John just may be the heart of Grandville Trailer. He is an awesome employee who loves his job and loves to give customers a great experience. He is patient, thorough and very knowledgeable about our products. He is also a mentor to a 2nd-grader and he is “Papa” to four sweet grandkids. He enjoys bowling and camping and just being with his wonderful family.


Greg is the son of Dave and Andrea. He’s a goofy guy with a love for people. He keeps things  fun at work, but don’t let that fool you. He works hard and knows a lot about trailers. He spends his free time with his friends: disc golfing and scoping out new breweries in Grand Rapids for unique craft beers. He is also planning a wedding with his beautiful and intelligent fiance for next summer! The two make an awesome couple and we are thrilled for them!

018 (2)

Bill is semi-retired but we are lucky enough to still have him working with us! He is a friendly face at Grandville Trailer and will greet you with a smile. When asked what he likes to do he responds with “Bow hunting, hunting, and hunting!” He is also making a difference in the life of a 6th-grader by mentoring. He loves his family and has 14 grandkids! He is a blessing to many people.

Omelay 7x16 titan 072Jim is our newest employee and we are so glad to have him here! During the school year he will be here part time as he is also a computer teacher for 7th and 8th graders. He is a man of many talents and he is gifted musically with singing and playing the guitar. He recently began leading worship at Lifeline Church! (Fun fact: Bill’s son, Rob, is the pastor!) Jim also has a passion for building and is about to begin building a house. We are happy to have him on board!

Behind the ScenesOmelay 7x16 titan 062

James did a whole lot of work for us this past summer. It would have been a difficult summer without him. He did a lot of the hard work like washing trailers, building maintenance, transporting trailers, cleaning, mowing and a whole lot more. He did these things with a willing heart and a smile on his face. It was so good to have him around and we wish he was here all the time!

1924376_778533975542479_8132334015825027284_nAndrea is Dave’s wife and she has been by his side through it all. They work together in running this awesome dealership. Andrea does all of Grandville Trailer’s bookkeeping and a whole lot of paperwork. She spends a lot of her time volunteering, working out, spoiling her grandbabies, and just loving on all the people in her life. Grandville Trailer is blessed to have her around and so is her family!P1080455

And then there’s me, Ally. I am Dave and Andrea’s daughter and I live in Nebraska with my wonderful husband and two amazing kids. I was thrilled when my parents asked me to work remote for their awesome business. I have learned a whole lot more about marketing, computers and trailers than I ever thought I would! I love every minute of it and I’m so glad to be doing my part to keep our customers informed!


Have you had a good experience at Grandville Trailer because of these people? If so, could you leave us a quick review? We are so thankful for your business and a couple positive sentences from you could do a lot for our little store! You can leave a review right here, here or here. Thank you and we hope you have a great weekend!

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You’ve Got to See This: FLOE Cargo Max XRT 8-57

We are getting a new arrival here today. It’s new and cutting edge. It’s smart, strong and stylish. And it’s about time someone came up with this. Its the FlOE Cargo Max utility trailer. Here are five fun facts featuring FLOE’s new trailer. (I couldn’t resist)

A Little Aluminum

In the trailer world, when we hear “aluminum” our attention is grabbed. It’s no secret that we love aluminum trailers. That’s why we are such big fans of Aluma and Neo. Aluminum is a perfect base material for any trailer because it is both lightweight and strong. It is rust free and extremely resistant to climate changes. It is the best material for someone living in the hot and cold and beautiful state of Michigan. So when we first heard of this FLOE trailer and all it’s aluminum-ness, of course we wanted to know more.showimagerv (1)

A Little Polymer

One of the things that makes this trailer stand out; its not JUST aluminum. This small utility trailer has a rugged polymer bed. The UV-resistant material is ideal because it does not rust, rot, or dent. Nor will it ever need a paint job. And have you seen it? It looks awesome! showimagerv

Unbeatable Design

But seriously, the bed. The engineers of this trailer obviously knew what they were doing. You’ll notice in the picture below that the 8-foot frame is grooved to help hold down your belongings. And here is something extra cool: there are collapsing tie-downs that connect to the aluminum frame! Is anyone else asking “why didn’t I think of that?” This small utility trailer is also built with a full rubber torsion independent suspension. It is really made to be easily pulled behind any vehicle and by (almost) anyone. specs

Remarkable Strength

Between the lightweight aluminum and polymer bed, the Cargo Max weighs in at a modest 290lbs. But don’t let that fool you. This trailer is a David with the strength of a Goliath. It has the ability of carrying 1800lbs- that’s over 6 times it’s weight! It will have no problem hauling your ATV’s, snowmobiles, or hunting equipment (and hopefully trophies too!) showimagerv (2)

A Little Extra

For those of you who want a little extra something, FLOE has come up with a few add-ons to improve your trailer experience. A lot of people choose to purchase the aluminum tailgate ramp with the trailer. You also have the choice of a swivel tongue jack and and upgrade to aluminum mag wheels. What more could you ask for??

There is a lot more to this trailer, like standard LED lights and custom molded fenders. So check out FLOE’s video of the Cargo Max XRT 8-57.

We are so excited! We are getting 6 of these trailers here today! I really think they are going to go quick, why wouldn’t they? Everyone could use a small utility trailer like this. What could you use this grab-and-go trailer for?

At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin’ for ya!