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How NOT To Tow A 5th Wheel Trailer

So camping season is here and I would assume that many of you have already been camping or have plans to do so in the near future. Some of you will stay in tents and some of you will pull campers and 5th wheel trailers. No matter what you’re camping in and how you plan on getting there, please make wise decisions!

I know I sound like your mother but let me explain.

Actually, just take a look at this picture and I won’t really need to explain:


Apparently this guy woke up that day and thought “Who needs a pick up truck and 5th wheel hitch to pull a 5th wheel trailer? I’ve so got this.”

Here’s a closer look.


Now before you say all kids of bad things about this guy, let me tell you a few possibilities that I thought of that would explain why he chose to do this:

  1. His truck broke and he HAD to go on this camping trip.
  2. The campground was so close to home so he just drove slow and made no sudden movements.
  3. He just bought the camper and needed to get it home.
  4. His wife kicked him out and he needed to take all his dear possessions.
  5. He just didn’t know that this set-up was dangerous and, well, stupid.

I’m sure that there are a hundred explanations as to why this was done. But the truth is that this was dangerous! That truck was not meant to pull that 5th wheel trailer. So many things could go wrong with a set up like that. But hey, at least he thought to give it a little extra support with a block of wood.


Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I do not know how this particular situation ended. But can we please learn from this guy’s mistake? Next time, call a buddy, use a tent, borrow a truck, or just don’t go. I promise you that your camping trip is not worth risking your life and those lives around you on the highway.

Be smart.
Be considerate.
Follow the rules.
Don’t be an idiot.

And seriously, I’ve been on a major roll with the safety topics. Maybe we should dub June “Trailer Safety Month.” I’m sorry if I’m starting to sound like a broken record, I just want people to be smart and stay safe! For more super fun safety posts, you can read 6 Effortless Ways To Ruin Your Utility Trailer, and Is Your Cell Phone Affecting Your Driving?

One more thing:
No, we do not sell 5th wheel trailers or any kind of campers at Grandville Trailer, but we do service them! We don’t work on any interiors but if you need work on the brakes, bearings or exterior lighting, we would love to have you stop by! You can take A Quick Look Into The Best Trailer Service In Grand Rapids and watch an informative video by Greg. We hope to see you soon!

At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin’ for ya!

-This post was brought to you by Ally Mollenkamp


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