A Snowmobile Trailer at it’s Finest: Neo NAS All Sport

The air is getting crisp and cool. The leaves are changing and falling to the ground. You find yourself dressing warmer and craving warm beverages. Many of you are just happy to be enjoying fall. But some of us know that the colder weather means one thing: Snowmobile season is almost here!

We were lucky enough to grow up in a house with Dave. His passion for snowmobiling provided many thrill rides in the fresh powder and learning to drive them ourselves. He has taken several long trips through Michigan on his snowmobiles- I’m sure he’d love to tell you about them next time you’re at GT. Being a snowmobile rider himself, he knows a good snowmobile trailer when he sees one. He was pretty excited to be getting this one at the store and rightfully so! Take a look for yourself.

Neo NAS All Sport

Being over 24 feet in length, this snowmobile trailer is able to hold 3 sleds and all your gear. Not to mention all your other toys throughout the rest of the year. Like all NEO trailers, it is made with aluminum and comes with LED lights. Aluminum is the perfect material because it is lightweight and doesn’t rust. LED lights are a must because they can withstand extreme temperatures, last a REALLY long time, and hey- they’re good for the environment too. The drop leg tongue jack is easy to use and the flush lock curbside door allows a third and easy entrance.showimagerv

This snowmobile trailer is incredibly designed and one of the best looking products on the market. And the best part? Like all NEO trailers, it is very affordable. We are convinced that this is the best choice for any snowmobile owner. If you want to know more, you can see this trailer listing on our website right here. (Along with the rest of our snowmobile trailers.)

We’re all looking forward to the first accumulation of snow to bust out the winter toys. But for the time being, enjoy the last bit of fall! There is nothing quite like fall in Michigan.
Are any of you planning a winter snowmobiling trip?

At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin’ for ya! unnamed



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