A Labor of Love: Part 6

Last month you got to see the beautiful paint job on the Mustang. This month we are revealing the incredible transformation of the interior. If you want to follow this story, make sure you catch up on the first 5 parts. Each one includes a lot of pictures to illustrate every step of the restoration.

Part 1: Acquisition
Part 2: Dis-Assembly
Part 3: Media Blasting
Part 4: Sheet Metal and Bodywork
Part 5: Paint

Mustang Restoration Part 6: Interiorunnamed (8)

Dave wanted to keep as many original parts as possible. He kept the old seats but did quite a bit of work to them. The original car only had lap seat belts in the front with no seat belts in the back. The front seats also had no head support. Because of the years of sitting in storage, the interior had a tremendous need for a face lift.

After adding new padding, side support, higher backs and headrests to the front bucket seats, Dave went on to re-upholster all the seats.

There was an obvious safety issue with the original front seat belts and lack of seat belts in the back. Dave looks forward to taking his grand kids for rides when they come to visit so, of course, safety is important. (No complaints here!) He installed 3 point seat belts on all the seats making them much safer (and legal.)

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He went on to the rest of the interior and restored the original factory center console. He added a stereo from Custom Audio Sound to jazz it up. The stereo looks like an old fashioned radio but has more modern electronics.

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He installed a new gauges set from a Michigan company called Classic Instruments. Then a one-piece molded headliner from Mustangs to Fear.

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Because of the black interior and the plans of summer cruisin’, Dave opted to install an air conditioning unit that he purchased from Classic Auto Air. He also got a custom steering wheel that you can see a little of in the above picture. The steering wheel and new floor mats add a lot to the interior!


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He contacted our trailer light supplier, TecNiq to get some LED lights for the interior. He upgraded to a modern wiring harness from American Autowire to make everything run properly. The result is pretty awesome! I guarantee you will want to take this car for a spin when you see the finished product!

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We are only two months away from revealing the fully restored Mustang! Next month we will show you Part 7: Assembly. In May, we will bring you the final touches and the test drive! Dave is so excited to have this project finished and to put the car to use.

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