A Labor of Love: Part 2

Mustang Restoration Part 2: Dis-Assembly

Did you miss Part 1? No problem, catch up right here!

After Dave got the Mustang in his possession and got the pole barn built. He was ready to start the much anticipated project.

The summer of 2005, he began the proccess of taking the car apart. Being the family man that he is, he tried and failed to get the kids involved. (Sorry, Dad! If I could go back in time I would choose to be of much more help!)

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Despite the decades of sitting in storage, the car was in good overall condition. It had a lot of mouse droppings, but not a whole lot of rust. After the summer, though, Dave got busy again with Tosh’s Tops (the counter top business he had at the time.) He lost time and interest and left the mustang to sit in the barn.
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Dave labeled all the parts and hardware and put them aside. He still frequented his barn on nights and weekends. Putzing around on his truck, fixing the go-carts that we continued breaking, and cleaning out a deer or two every year. All the meanwhile, Andrea dreamed of cruising into town for ice cream in her shiny pale yellow Mustang.
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Next month we will bring you Part 3: Media Blasting. Stay tuned!

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