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5 Useful and Unique Gift Ideas For Men

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully now you are well rested, a few pounds heavier and starting to feel the Christmas spirit! (That is, if you weren’t already.) I know many of us here have already been preparing for Christmas for a while now, and we wanted to help you do the same. We have many items in our trailer supply store that would make awesome Christmas gifts! So we have compiled a list of our top 5 gift ideas. This year, take a break from the ties, socks and screwdriver sets. Give the men in your life something fun and useful.

1. IMMI CargoBuckle

CargoBuckle are the longest, most durable ratchet straps you will find. Because they are self-retractable and they have an easy-release lever, they are also the simplest ratchet straps to use. Weather resistant and extremely versatile, any man would love this gift.

2. Swift Hitch Portable Camera System

This Swift Hitch Camera is geared towards all trailer owners. The magnetic camera quickly mounts to the back of your truck and the handheld monitor guides you to your trailer perfectly. It has an incredible battery life and several other features. It’s very easy to use and will save a lot of headache when hitching up a trailer. It’s the perfect gift for any trailer owner!

3. Master Lock Stainless Steel Pivot Lock Hitch Pin071649219634

Here is an inexpensive stocking stuffer idea. This 5/8 Hitch Pin won’t rust and is made to reach all receivers.

TrailerOnlyLG__14305_zoom4. Condor Trailer Only Chock

Do you have a friend or loved one that rides a motorcycle or dirt bike? Take a look at this wheel chock. This device is great to secure any bike of any size and it’s sturdy enough so that only one person needs to be there to load and unload. We carry the all black version of this brilliant invention.

5. Milenco Extension Mirrorsdownload

These are perfect for someone towing a fishing boat, snowmobile or car trailer. For someone that plows in the winter or who goes camping in the summer. Or for anyone who just loves any extra safety feature. Milenco’s mirrors are made with high standards and are designed to fasten to your mirrors and lengthen your view behind you. We carry select models at Grandville Trailer and we always recommend that trailer towers use these!

We hope you got some creative gift giving juices flowing with our 5 ideas! We stock all these things in our store and we have a lot of other items that would make awesome gifts as well:

We’d love to hear from you. Are any of you hoping to see one or two of these items under your Christmas tree? Is there something else you are asking for that might be found in our  trailer supply store? At Grandville Trailer, we’re pullin’ for ya! unnamed

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