4 Reasons Every Utility Trailer Needs a Gorilla-Lift


One of our favorite products in our store is the Gorilla Lift. It is a tailgate lift assist for your utility trailer and it has been on the market for 5 years improving the lives of trailer owners. Its a fully enclosed lifting system that will take off 100% of the weight of most tailgates. Here is Gorilla-Lift’s (cheesy, yet informative) video of their product:

4 Reasons to Install a Gorilla-Lift

1. Adjustable for varying sized tailgates: It’s designed to not let heavy tailgates fall to the ground and to keep lighter tailgates from popping up off the ground. When it is installed properly, it’s meant to give the tailgate a floating effect when going up and down. It works on tailgates 4-6 feet tall.

2. Attaches to both sides of the tailgate: This is helpful for a few reasons. It will keep the pressure even on both sides to prevent the hinges from deteriorating in an untimely manner. It will also stop the tailgate from warping. And it acts as a secondary support; in the rare event that one side would fail, it will keep the tailgate from smashing to the ground. Overall, the thorough system should allow your trailer’s tailgate a longer life.


3. Prevents injury: Most utility trailers have pretty heavy tailgates. My guess is that there have been quite a few broken toes and worker’s compensation claims thanks to tailgates being dropped. This can also be beneficial if you have little hands that like to help you often. It’s one less “accident waiting to happen.”

4. Easy install: The Gorilla Lift comes with the hardware to attatch it, however you can also choose to spot-weld it to your utility trailer. But at Grandville Trailer, we can make it even easier for you. Come to our store where we have these in stock and we will be happy to install it for you. The lift does work best on utility trailers with side rails 10-24 inches high.

Gorilla-Lift-6If you want to know more about the details of the Gorilla-lift, you can read about it on their website.

***I spent some time reading some reviews online and I’m blown away at how much customers are really appreciating this product. It seems to be making a big difference in the lives of trailer owners! The most common comment I see on this is how much of a “back-saver” it is. If you want to see some reviews, you can look here and here. Go ahead and see for yourself why everyone loves this product so much! And come see us when you are ready to have one installed on your utility trailer.***

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A Homemade Trailer Worth Talking About

The Lawley Pop

We have something really cool to share with our readers today! This is a project from one our our customers, Kenn. Kenn is a retired west Michigan business owner with a passion for boats. He has a replica of the boat launch that was designed by George Lawley in 1907.  The boat here was built by the Great Lakes Boat Building School in Grandville, MI. The original boat had a 5 horse power engine that popped when it ran, so it was named “The Lawley pop.” (Pronounced “Lolly Pop”) This boat was started in 2013 and Kenn took over and finished it. Here is the finished product

Lawley Pop Launcher

But Kenn didn’t stop there. What he really wanted was to bring his boat to boat shows throughout the US. He took the matter into his own hands and built his very own boat launch aluminum trailer. IMG_1327

The Hauler

Kenn also wanted an enclosed trailer to protect his boat when traveling to his boat shows. That’s when he came to us. He bought a trailer from Aluma through Grandville Trailer and he went to Iowa himself to pick it up. Here is the model that be bought from Aluma. 7814st-utility-trailer As you can see, this is not an enclosed trailer. Kenn bought this as a base so that he could build the exact aluminum trailer that he wanted. He built an aluminum frame on this trailer and then sided it with aluminum sheets. He even finished it off with Aluma decals.  And for the top, he had a vinyl snap-on cover made for it. 050 (1) 055             019 016

The Final Product

The two trailers work together perfectly to protect his boat and launch it into the water. The homemade boat trailer goes into the aluminum trailer on an electric winch system. 013 014             008 (1) IMG_1321











We think that Kenn did an awesome job on his boat and trailers! I’m thrilled that he shared his story and all these pictures with us. So far he has won 2 awards in the 3 shows that he has entered. Best of luck to you Kenn! Please keep us updated on all your future projects!

Do any of our other readers have any custom trailers to share? Weather you made improvements yourself, or ordered it specifically for your needs, we want to hear about it and see a picture!

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Neo Trailers: 5 Reasons to get Excited

5 Nifty Things About Neo Trailers

We are so excited here at GT because we have a new supplier! This week we will be getting in our very first shipment of Neo trailers and we can’t wait to have them here! They are all about fun and providing the perfect trailer for your toys. Weather you like to take your quads to the sand dunes or sea dos out to the lakes, you should really consider checking with them to find the right trailer to do the job. Neo makes all aluminum, v-nosed, enclosed trailers. They are smooth, sleek, durable and incredibly priced. And we love the fact that they are located in Sturgis, MI! We have been so impressed with how they run their business and how they make these trailers. I think you’ll be just as impressed. Here are a few reasons why we think they are so great.

1. All Aluminum Trailers8

If you’ve been reading our blog, then you know we already love aluminum trailers. They are lightweight so that you can pull more cargo and less trailer. They are rust free and last much longer. They are durable and easier on  your tow vehicle. And in this case, they are some good looking trailers! Dave Tosh even described them as “sexy.”

2. V-nosed

2You will find that Neo only produces v-nosed trailers. They firmly believe they are more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. In fact, they say that on average, a v-nosed trailer will give you 20% better fuel economy than a flat front trailer. There you have it; Neo has answered the question that we hear over and over. What type of enclosed trailers are more aerodynamic? Now we know.

3. Keeping it Simple: 9 models3

Neo manufactures 4 different kinds of trailers: Auto, All Sport, Motorcycle and Cargo. They have one model motorcycle trailer and the rest have a couple to chose from. The models differ with the tops: round top vs. flat top. They have really perfected the models that they have, eliminating the need to produce more. Why change a good thing? Having  fewer choices will make it so much easier for you to chose. Once thing is for sure, you’re going to want to chose Neo!

4. Unbeatable Prices

4Let’s be honest, money doesn’t grow on trees. I’m sure we would all love to have a money tree in our backyard, but life just doesn’t work that way. So when shopping for a new trailer, this is one of the biggest contributing factors. You want to find a good trailer for your money, and that is what Neo can give you. Their enclosed trailers are so affordable so you can get a whole lotta bang for your buck.

5. Cabinetspic60

This is another thing that makes Neo stand out. They have a line of cabinets for inside your trailer. They look just as nice as the trailers and they are also made from aluminum to give you all the same benefits. Weather you just want a small one to keep your tools or a whole set to line the inside of your trailer, they are definitely worth a look!

Hopefully you can get an idea as to why we are so excited to have these products on our lot. These enclosed trailers are just as they said in their video. ^^ They are elegant, durable and made to last! Stay tuned. We will let you know when the first load comes in this week and we will soon get our stock right here on our website. We are so excited and proud to be a stocking Neo dealer. We hope you will consider them for your next trailer purchase!

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